EPCOT Concept Postcards

EP0003Editor’s Note:  Per the comments I got on this post, check out my previous post on EPCOT and the Living Seas.  There you can see a true pre-opening card with the text, “The Future Begins October 1, 1982”.

A few weeks ago I purchased a set of pre-opening EPCOT concept postcards.  I bought them in LA from a dealer along with the Tokyo Disneyland pre-opening cards I blogged about a couple posts ago.

The set consists of ten cards, all with (uncredited) artwork covering various aspects of the park.  Looking at all ten cards together (you can find them in the checklist as NT cards EP0001 thru EP0010), it’s actually not entirely clear when they were published. However, based on EP0003 (shown here), it is implied that the cards were published prior to October 1983, a year after the opening of EPCOT in October, 1982.  The cards may have been available as a set before the park opened and then sold at the park after EP0003_0001it was opened.  When I bought them, they were not in a pictorial folder, just a plastic sleeve. The card numbers do not really help in understanding the nature of the set, as they are not consecutive.  Perhaps one of you has more info on the origin of these cards!?!

Either way, the cards make up a great set. From Spaceship Earth to Future World, China Showcase to the American Adventure, they give a broad look at what the EPCOT park was intended to be.

Of the group, my favorite card is the “Horizons” card, EP0003.  The art work is fantastic, and it does the job of building anticipation for what was to come.  As to whether or not this attraction met the expectations of the visitor, I have to leave that to you.  I have only visited EPCOT once!

That’s it for now…next time I will likely be blogging on something closer to home from Disneyland!

Until next time…

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Country Bear Band Snapshots – Tokyo Disneyland

TD_Bears1As I mentioned last time, I recently purchased some early postcards and postcard sets from Tokyo Disneyland.  Today I wanted to share a set of cards with a Country Bear theme – Country Bear Band Snapshots!

The set comes in a folder, and contains 12 different drawings of the Country Bears about different activities.  The set is probably vintage 1980’s but I cannot be totally sure. The only numbering I can find on it is 0101-1000-680, but this is only on the folder, not on the cards themselves.

TD_bearsOf the twelve cards, I am showing two here.  “Saturday Night Bath” has one of the bears cleaning up while apparently singing or something.  I like the raccoon on this card sitting in the tiny bath next to the bear!  Overall a great little sketch.  No artist credit is given…but I suspect it would not be too hard to find out who this is from someone at the Disney Archive.

TD_bears_0001The second I am showing here has another bear educating a smaller bear about how to make a bottle whistle.  At first, I thought he was teaching the cub about the finer spirits being distilled in the countryside, but that would not have made a lot of sense!  The title on the back is “That’s right.  You got it!”

I have a few more Tokyo sets that I will TD_Bears1_0001break out and share over the next few weeks.  I am also slowly getting some of these newly acquired cards up into the database.  The pre-opening Tokyo set I spoke of last time is scanned in.

Until next time…

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Tokyo Disneyland Pre-Opening postcards!

TD0000ASorry it has been a while everyone!  I have been a little busy with work and the like…but not so busy that I haven’t been attending a couple postcard shows and posting on the Vintage Disneyland site on Facebook.

The big news here is that I have finally scanned one of the pre-opening Tokyo Disneyland postcard sets into the database!  I ran into Nick Farago at a show a couple weeks ago and he had a set for sale.  I still need the other set…right now I just have the out folder for that (also provided by Nick).

Do check the cards out on my Facebook page or here in the database.  I am pretty sure that these are the only scans of these cards on the internet!  I tried a Google image search of the folder cover and nothing came up…that in addition to many searches in the past to find these cards online.  Of course, with the Japanese aspect here, there may be scans online, but I haven’t seen them!

TD0001If you have a set of the second pre-opening cards, please let me know!  I would love to add them to the database.

That’s all for today.  Going forward my goal is post once a week here and several times a week on my Facebook page.  So…stayed tuned!

Until next time…

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Santa Cruz Paper Show Finds

Disney_ThankYouI spent a little bit of time today up at a small vintage paper fair in Santa Cruz.  It was a brief one day show that was free to all San Francisco Bay Area Postcard Collector Society members.  I was primarily searching for (you guessed it) Disneyland stuff…but also came away with a lot of great vintage airliner stuff as well.

First up I will share this non-Nickel Tour Disney_ThankYou_0001card that I found today.  I have seen this card on eBay several times and have just not pulled the trigger.  But, Nick Farago was there at the show today and gave me a little background on the card and I bought this from him.  The card was used as a thank you to anyone who wrote the studios.  It says in tiny print on the front  “Copyright 1955 Walt Disney Productions”.  How this relates to Disneyland is the sentence on the bottom of the card on the rear, “The Magic Kingdom. DISNEYLAND…now open in Anaheim, California.”  This was post marked May, 1957, so the park had been open for a while.  So, the card was used as a promotional tool for the park…as well as a thank you card. Perhaps some of the readers of this blog have versions of this card with an earlier postmark?  One extra thing…I think the Cinderella postmark adds some flair to the card…wouldn’t be the same without it!

NT1157I also found a copy of NT1157, the Helms Bakery card showing their Rose Parade float from January 1, 1955 (click on the image to see the back of the card). This float was used to promote the park…and features a castle, a Dumbo ride, and Mickey Mouse.  I can’t quite make out all the words on the front of the float…it says, “There is a good _____”. Anyway, it’s a neat card depicting one of the many ways that Walt and Roy went about promoting the park!

That’s it for today.  I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying (hopefully) nice spring weather in your area!

Until next time…

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A Few New Things

TD0048Hello everyone…I hope this post finds you well!

I have not posted here in a while, but that does not mean I have not been busy!  I have recently been working to upload the balance of the Disneyland Tokyo post cards that I have in my collection.  (Shown here is card TD0048…the World Bazaar).  I have about 80-100 Tokyo cards, and a few postcard albums. Most of the cards I have were published shortly after the park opened and make a great set of early images of the park.  Other than this group, I do have some Tokyo Disney Gallery cards featuring Disneyland Anaheim concept art.  These are not in the database yet, but I have put a few of them up on my Facebook page.

So…keep your eye out over the next few days/weeks as I will try to complete the addition of all the Tokyo cards in my possession to the checklist database!  As to how many total Tokyo postcards exist…that is anyones guess.  I was given a paper checklist (thanks Chris!) that was originally put together by Nick Farago, but it is dated and quite a few cards have been published since then to be sure.  Either way though…it’s a great start.  If you or someone you know is interested in making the list here more complete…please let me know.

EGG_JungleOtherwise…I was in Anaheim today for a super quick business trip, but had time to drop by Downtown Disney to pick-up a couple new El Gato Gomez WonderGround cards. The cards feature the Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Gomez does a great job of capturing the essence of these attractions!  I only have room here to show the Jungle Cruise card…but I will put images of both on Facebook tonight as well.

Going forward, I will post here as often as I am able with information that will be relevant today, tomorrow and into the future.  For more current everyday news on auctions and prices realized, I will likely be using the Facebook page for that.  So check it out!

Until next time…

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More Disneyland Paris Postcards

DP-0166I just added a set of very cool early Disneyland Paris postcards to the database tonight.  These were sold at the park either at the opening or shortly after.  The cards all feature posters for early Mickey Mouse short films.  In and of themselves, these posters are fantastic…even without looking at the short itself!

If you want to check out the cards, they are number DP-0163 through DP-0168 in the checklist.

I guess that’s what these posters were intended to do in the first place – get people into the theatre.  These early movie posters are not unlike a lot of their contemporaries…masterful pieces of art work!  As an KingKongPosterexample, I thought I would share this King Kong poster from the 1930’s…just awesome!

That’s it for today…a pretty short post!  I’ll be back with more in the near future.  In the meantime…there is a copy of the D-131 art corner card card for sale on eBay if you haven’t already seen it.  Not much else exciting recently though (I could have missed some stuff…but it seems to have been pretty quiet out there lately!)

Until next time…

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La Guerre des Étoiles at Euro Disney

DP-0212I have to confess to being a little distracted lately.  While working on my own Facebook page that relates to this site, I have also gotten absorbed in a few other Facebook Disney fan pages.  There are a lot of fan pages out there, but I have been actively participating in the Vintage Disneyland, Disney History Institute and Walt Disney Family Museum pages.  These are great pages and there is an active following on each.  So…check them out.  If you like what this blog is offering, you will like these Facebook communities as well.

My other distraction lately has been playing the Lego Star Wars video game with my eight year old!  He loves it…and when we are not playing baseball, or playing with DP-0215a recently revived slot car set…we will spend (waste?) some time playing Lego Star Wars.  In 1977, the year Star Wars came out, I was 10.  I can’t imagine being a more perfect age in order to be completely swept away by that fantastical world!  As you might expect…I was swept away, to some degree.  I was a card carrying member of the Star Wars fan club in 1978…and I still have the card to prove it!  But that is another story.

Needless to say, the Star Wars phenomenon swept over a lot of other folks too…and not least of all the folks at Disney.  Star Tours, the first non-Disney themed ride to appear at Disneyland, opened in January, 1987 (only 10 years after the release of the original movie).  It was a DP-0216huge success, and the same ride was installed at Tokyo Disneyland, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Paris.  These cards I show here are from Disneyland Paris (aka Euro Disney when the cards were published).  They are part of a set of six cards that can all be seen in the checklist database.  They number from 00108-00200 thru 00108-00205.  I have cataloged them as DP-0212 thru DP-0217.

The only original Star Tours ride still operating is in Disneyland Paris.  The other parks have all converted to the equally successful Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.  And as you are no doubt aware, after a long association with Lucasfilm, Disney bought the Star Wars franchise in October of 2012.  So…here’s to more interesting and fun adventures in the Star Wars universe to come.  Who knows…maybe we’ll get a few new post cards to boot!

Until next time…

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Hello everyone.  I hope you are enjoying your Sunday evening.  Many of you are probably watching the Oscars tonight.  For some reason, I am not that interested this year.  I only saw a few movies in the last twelve months, and to be frank, sometimes the self-congratulatory nature of the show drives me a little crazy.  My personal all time favorite Oscar memory though has to be when Roberto Benigni won for best actor in “Life is Beautiful”.  If you haven’t seen that…check it out on YouTube here.  (And see the movie if you haven’t already…it’s rather a moving show.)

NT0318abAnyway…I have been loading up some photos into the database recently and thought I would share a couple variations that have not been documented previously. I know some of you are hard core variant collectors…so this post is for you!

First up is this variant of NT0318.  There are four variations of this card on NT0318ab_0001DisneylandPostcards.net, but this one is not shown there.  There are no clothing color variations on this card so it is like the base card NT0318, but the text on the  back is justified…like on NT0318a.  So…it’s sort of a mix of the two cards.  This card must have been rather popular as all these variations seem to point to several re-printings.

NT0329aThe second card I have tonight is a variant on NT0329.  The card (which I label as NT0329a in the database) has some of the common textual variations on the back that vary from NT0329.  The vertical Disneyland text is spaced out differently, and “THE MAGIC KINGDOM” text is in a different font than the NT0329 NT0329a_0001card shown on DisneylandPoscards.net (here).

I have no idea if either of these cards is more rare than their “siblings”.  I suspect that most collectors don’t really care that much one way or the other.  But, if you are trying to collect all the variations, then this question is important.  Perhaps one of you out there can comment on this below!

Until next time…

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Walt Disney Cut-Out Numeral Postcards

cut-out_no5Usually on this blog we focus on Disney postcards that were sold at the different Disney parks around the world. But if you read here frequently, you know that I do like to collect and blog on other Disney paper items.  So, when I saw this on eBay the other day, I could not resist!

I am still piecing together the back story on these cards. The small text on the front of this card seems to indicate that it was published shortly after the release of Snow White in 1937.  The publisher of the card, Valentine & Sons, Ltd., was founded in Dundee, Scotland in 1825.  After a long and successful run, what remained of the company was ultimately sold to Hallmark in 1980.

cut-out_no5_0001I just received this numeral 5 in the mail today…and was surprised to find that it had a glossy finish on the front.  I would have thought the card would have more of a matte or linen finish…but it is glossy.  I didn’t think that they made glossy cards as early as the 1930’s, so I will be asking my fellow collectors at the San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club (SFBAPCC) to see if this card really was published in the 1930’s or was of later vintage.

Either way…I found the art work on this card irresistable! Since finding this one, I have found several other numerals available online (1, 3, 8, 10).  If you are interested in starting your own collection…try going to eBay’s UK site.  Most of these cards are, as you would expect, over there.  That is, in fact, where I picked up the numeral 5 I showed here today.

Until next time…

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Vacationland Magazine – A Treasure Trove of Early Disney Magic

Vacationland_S1961When I first started looking for and discovering Disney postcards at garage and estate sales, occasionally I would also come across copies of a magazine that was loaded with Disney images and advertising.  This was Vacationland…a promotional magazine published by the Disney company to promote the park.

According to Jim Korkis over on MousePlanet, ”  Vacationland was primarily a free magazine available in the hotels near Disneyland and later Walt Disney World. For the first six issues, it was called Disneyland Holiday, possibly to associate it with the Holidayland part of Disneyland. Vacationland was the brainchild of Disney legend Marty Sklar. The first issue appeared Spring 1957. The magazine was published quarterly by Disney to theme in with the different seasons. (Later it was published just three times a year.)”

Vacationland_Rec_AdIt really is a wonderful magazine as it highlights the happenings at the park and also has many images and artwork that bring back the past of the park in all of its wonderful detail.  Many of the images are identical to the postcards of the era, but many are different. As Mr. Korkis says, it was primarily an advertising vehicle, so there are a lot of ads in the magazine….but even they are fun to look at given the distance of 60 years.  Shown here is an ad for Disneyland Records…how about we break out the turn table and have a listen to “Meet Me Down on Main Street”?!?!

Of course, issues of Vacationland magazine can still be found on eBay and other collectible sites online at a fairly reasonable price.  Expect to pay between $10 and $30 for any given issue.  A bargain for a trip into the past!

Until next time…

P.S.  I have revamped my Facebook page in the last week or so…you can find it from the link on the home page of the blog, or just click here.  I am posting there most days with very short comments and a photo or two.  I am reserving the blog here for more detailed posts.

P.P.S  I have uploaded quite a few more Tokyo Disneyland cards into the checklist database.  You can see them by filtering on “TD” in the “Search Keyword” field.  Any of the cards starting with “TD” in the NT# field are Tokyo cards.  And on this subject…if any of you know where I can find copies of the pre-opening Tokyo cards…I would love to get a set.  Thanks!

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