NT0024-NT0089 PXXXXX

The First Pictures of the Park

This group of cards represents the first photo cards printed of the park and can be found on page 83 of the Nickel Tour.

The group gets a little weird starting with card #0059.  The Nickel Tour states that there are a number of jumbo cards that were printed with the same number as the regular size cards.  I think this is true…but I do not see any of these cards referenced on disneylandpostcards.net.  An example of this would be P14622.  There is supposed to be an example of this card, with that number, in regular and jumbo size.

Note that NT #0085 through NT#0089 are truly rare…I have personally only seen one or two of these cards for sale on eBay in the last few years and they went for over $200 each if I recall.

Anyway…I took what I think is a pretty good guess at the value category for each card based on my experience.  Let me know what you think.

NT # Number Description Price Category
0024 P 12284  Steeping Beauty Castle C
0025 P 12285  The Horse Drawn Trolley C
0026 P 12286 City Hall with auto in front U
0027 P 12287 Town Square C
0028 P 12288 Jungle Cruise boat dock C
0029 P 12289 Looking down Main Street C
0030 P 12290 The Horse Drawn Trolley U
0031 P 12291 Disneyland Bandstand R
0032 P 12292 The Mark Twain Riverboat UN
0033 P 12293 The Mark Twain Riverboat C
0034 P 12294 The Mark Twain landing UN
0035 P 12295 Davy Crockett Museum in Frontierland UN
0036 P 12296 The Rocket to the Moon in Tomorrowland UN
0037 P 12297 “Clock of the World” in Tomorrowland C
0038 P 12355 The Main Street Cinema R
0039 P 12356 The Adventureland Cantina UN
0040 P 12357 Schweitzer Falls on the Jungle Cruise C
0041 P 12358 The Jungle Cruise in Adventureland C
0042 P 12359 The Entrance to Adventureland UN
0043 P 12360 The Pavilion Restaurant UN
0044 P 12361 Circarama Theater in Tomorrowland UN
0045 P 12362 Aerial View of the Mad Tea Party C
0046 P 12363 Sleeping Beauty Castle C
0047 P 12364 Frontierland Entrance Stockade C
0048 P 12365 Sheriff Lucky in Frontierland UN
0049 P 12366 The Indian Village in Frontierland R
0050 P 12367 The Old-fashioned Popcorn Machine UN
0051 P 12368 The Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad C
0052 P 12369 The Old-fashioned Ice Cream Vendor UN
0053 P 12370 The Tomorrowland Autopia UN
0054 P 12452 Casey Jr. Circus Train in Fantasyland C
0055 P 12453 Casey Jr. Circus Train in Fantasyland C
0056 P 12454 The Congo Queen on the Jungle Cruise C
0057 P 12455 Balloon vendor in Fantasyland UN
0058 P 12456 Indian greeting stagecoach in Frontierland UN
0059 P 12710 Mark Twain Riverboat (JUMBO) R
0060 P 12711 Indian in Frontierland (JUMBO) R
0061 P 12712 Sleeping Beauty Castle (JUMBO) R
0062 P 12713 TWA Moon Rocket (JUMBO) R
0063 P 12714 Inside Frontierland Fort (JUMBO) R
0064 P 12944 Main Street Station C
0065 P 12945 Main Street Station (JUMBO) R
0066   Not Used
0067   Not Used
0068   Not Used
0069 P 13358 “Chicken of the Sea” Restaurant and Pirate Ship C
0070 P 13359 Interior View of Golden Horseshoe Revue C
0071 P 13360 The Market House on Main Street C
0072 P 13361 The Market House on Main Street C
0073 P 13362 The Red Wagon Inn on Main Street UN
0074 P 13363 Plantation House in Frontierland UN
0075 P 14622 The Golden Horseshoe Revue C
0075A P 14622 The Golden Horseshoe Revue (JUMBO) VR
0076 P 14694 Walt Disney (JUMBO) VR
0077 P 14927 “Chicken of the Sea” Restaurant and Pirate Ship (JUMBO) VR
0077A P 14927 “Chicken of the Sea” Restaurant and Pirate Ship (JUMBO) VR
0078 P 15287 Interior View of Golden Horseshoe Revue (JUMBO) VR
0078A P 15287 Interior View of Golden Horseshoe Revue (JUMBO) VR
0079 P 16550 The Disneyland Hotel U
0080 P 16551 The Disneyland Hotel U
0081 P 16552 The Disneyland Hotel U
0082 P 25227 The Disneyland Hotel U
0083 P 25228 The Disneyland Hotel U
0084 No Number The Disneyland Hotel U
0085 No Number Rocket to the Moon VR
0086 No Number Main Street Station VR
0087 No Number The Jungle Cruise VR
0088 No Number The Mark Twain Steamboat VR
0089 No Number Sleeping Beauty Castle VR

4 Responses to NT0024-NT0089 PXXXXX

  1. Rob Newman says:

    Just wondering if the cards that do not have the ASI logo are considered in the same price category as the ones with the ASI logo? For example; is NT 0032 uncommon for both the card with the ASI logo and without the ASI logo? Thanks again for posting the price guide. Rob

    • Todd says:

      Well…if my collection is any indication…the ASI logo is about four times more common than without. In terms of value…given that even fewer people collect the variants, it’s pretty hard to put a value on those cards. I just don’t see someone paying a whole lot more for the non-logo cards, but I could be wrong.

  2. aaron "Shawn" Visser says:

    in my experience 15 plus years i have never paid anymore or less for ASI logos this is a fairly new thing that i have yet to understand.

    • Todd says:

      Thanks Shawn…that jives with my experience as well. No one seems to ever differentiate between with and without when the cards are sold.

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