NT0001-NT0023 PXXXXX

NT0017 – Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Pre-Opening Day postcards

I have marked all of these (less #0005) as Uncommon.  Truth be told some of them (#0015, #0016, and perhaps #0017) are , in my opinion, a little rarer than others…but not so much so that they demand a “Rare” rating.

Uncommon (UN) cards all get between $10-$35.

Rare (R) cards get between $35-$75

NT # Card Number Description Price Category
0001 P11876 Walt Disney and his Magic Kingdom UN
0002 P11877 Entrance to Frontierland UN
0003 P11878 Frontierland – and its “Main Street” UN
0004 P11879 Tomorrowland from above the Hub UN
0005 P11880 A boy and his father on “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” R
0006 P11881 The Main Street Ice Cream Parlor UN
0007 P11882 Carnation Corner on Main Street UN
0008 P11883 The giant Kaiser Aluminum telescope UN
0009 P11884 Explorer’s boat on “The Rivers of the World” UN
0010 P11885 The entrance to Adventureland UN
0011 P11886 The Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad UN
0012 P11887 The Main Entrance to Disneyland UN
0013 P11888 The Mark Twain Steamboat in Frontierland UN
0014 P11889 Casey Jr huffs and puffs in Fantasyland UN
0015 P11890 “Chicken of the Sea” Pirate Ship UN
0016 P11891 Dumbo the Flying Elephant UN
0017 P11892 Sleeping Beauty Castle UN
0018 P11893 The Tomorrowland entrance UN
0019 P11894 The Frontierland Miniature Museum UN
0020 P11895 Temple guarding the Jungle Cruise UN
0021 P11896 The Adventureland Jungle UN
0022 P11897 The Tahitian Village in Adventureland UN
0023 P11911 Slue Foot Sue’s Golden Horseshoe Saloon UN

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