Hello everyone, and welcome to Disney Postcards!  If you have ever visited Sundry Collectibles on Blogger, then you are familiar with my posts.  I finally decided that I needed to seperate my interests into a couple of blogs, because I figured not every person who is a Disney postcard fan, is a comic book fan, or a Dinky Toys fan, etc. etc.  By dedicating this blog to Disney postcards and paper items, you’ll know what to expect with each post…namely, Disney stuff!!

I have been collecting Disney Postcards for some time now, mostly focusing on Disneyland and Disney World.  But, as my first post on this blog indicates, I have a few other items in the collection as well!

I hope you enjoy these posts and if you have a site with related material, please let me know.  I would love to see what you have and join you in the adventure of this hobby.


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  1. aaron "Shawn" Visser says:

    im sure i have dealt with you at one point or another over the years and you me>>> but if you dont know me. my name is shawn visser i have been collecting disneyland and disneyworld postcards for over 15 years my disneyland collection is aproximatly 58 cards away from being complete (other then cards we don’t know about, which i have some if you need the info) my disneyworld collection is about 85-90 percent complete. if you need any info or if there is anything i can help you with please let me know.

    p.s. i believe i was the one who beat you on the Nautilus interior card


    • Todd says:

      Cool…thanks for the note Shawn. I would love to hear more. Send me an e-mail via the contact and we can continue the conversation. I am specifically interested in what makes up a “complete” set. I think i persoanlly only bid about $60 on teh nautilus card…I had no idea it was going to go where it did.

      • Marcia Miner says:

        Hello Todd, My name is Marcia Miner. I am also collecting variations of DisneyLand cards. Can you please email me privately.

  2. Isabelle Finney says:

    Thank you for sharing your love of these postcards with the world: I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! Warmly, Isabelle Finney

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