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Welcome to the Nickel Tour Price Guide!

Listed in this section of the site are various category’s that correspond to the sections of the Nickel Tour book which chronicles the history of Disneyland through its postcards.  If you are familiar with my checklist tool you will note that all of this pricing data is duplicated there, along with much more information about the cards.  Once the checklist tool is fully populated, then I am likely going to delete this section of the website.

Prices can generally be put in the following categories:

Very Common (VC) – $3 or less

Common (C) – $3 to $10

Uncommon (UN) – $10-$35

Rare (R)  – $35-$75

Very Rare (VR) – $75 and up

Remember…a guide is just that…a guide.  In a hobby with such a limited collector base, prices should and will fluctuate wildly.

For any given card…just pull down the price guide menu item and you will see a listing of the cards.  Check out the checklist tool for other cards that are from other Disney parks. All of the post cards in the Nickel Tour are represented in this price guide…for other cards, please refer to the checklist tool which is updated regularly.


4 Responses to Price Guide

  1. aaron "Shawn" Visser says:

    on your price guide i would list NT5 a boy and his father as a rare card i took me years to get this one and as a preopening card it does not come up as often as the others.

    • Todd says:

      Shawn…I am inclined to agree with you here as one of these went for around $50 a few weeks back on eBay. So, I will promote that to “R” based on your feedback.

  2. Tom Snyder says:

    Strange how Disney panics over the mispelling of their newest dollars DalmatiOn. And pulls them, When the same spelling was used on all three of the DalmatiOn squeaker postcards from Art Corner ??????

    • Todd says:

      Thanks Tom…I had not heard of the Disney dollar controversy. I was actually planning on getting some of the 2013 dollars during my next visit.

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