Checklist Instructions

The tool has several fields, all described below.  If you are a registered user (all I need is your email and I will provide you a pass word), you can enter cards into the database.

Category – A grouping of cards defined either by the Nicket Tour number, or the card number.  If you are entering a card that does not yet have a category…then just leave this blank.

NT# – The Nickel Tour catalog number.  Where the card is not in the Nickel Tour, I have adopted Ken Eslick’s small letter numbering system…for example 0047b.  When a card is not on Ken’s site, nor in the Nickel Tour then see below.

For cards from WDW…there are actually numbers that were defined by Nick Farago and Roger LeRoque for the first few hundred cards.  These numbers are in their booklets that I blogged on here.  For cards from WDW that were defined in these booklets, the NT# would be, for example,  WDW-0025.

When the cards are not in the NT, or Ken’s site, OR the booklets, then the NT# is as follows:

Disneyland:  “NT-cardnumber

The Magic Kingdom:  WDW-“cardnumber

Disneyland Paris:  DP-“cardnumber

Dinseyland Tokyo:  DT-“cardnumber

Disneyland Hong Kong: DHK-“cardnumber

Disney California Adventure:  DCA-“cardnumber

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: DAK-“cardnumber

EPCOT: EP-“cardnumber

Disney Family Museum:  DFM-“cardnumber

This system may change in the very near future…but as of today (4/26/2013) this is how it works.  If I continue this route, I will change the “NT#” category to be the “Catalog#” column.

Disney Park – What park is the card from?  The checklist tool can catalog cards from every Disney park.  So, if you are just a Tokyo Disneyland collector, this tool can be used to catalog those cards exclusively via a filter.

Land – What land of the park does the card show?  Maybe you just want to collect Adventureland cards.  This tool will help you do that.

Card Number – The number printed on the back of the card (P11876, for example).  Some cards do not have a number if they come out of a set.  In this case the set number is used and the card assign a letter “A”, “B”, etc.  So, for example, a card from a Disneyland Hong Kong set that is in the database right now is listed as DHK-893170 012838A.  The other three cards in the set are B-D.

Card Text – The complete text on the back of the card, less the title.  Searching for all the cards that reference the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship?  This tool can help you do that…just search on “chicken” and you will get all those cards.

Description – For cards in the Nickel Tour, this is the description in the book…either the all capital letter caption on the back, or something that was made up by the authors.  For other cards, if you are a registered user and have the ability to add records…put whatever seems appropriate.

Size – The size of the card.  Want a list of every Jumbo card?  The tool can generate that for you if you filter on those cards.

Price Category – This is one aspect of the price guide.  As a registered user, if you think a price category needs to be altered and you have the privilege to edit records, you can change the price category.

Recent Price – Just saw a card go for $30 on eBay?  Record it here!

Images – Images of the back and front of any card can be added.  If you hover over the “Front” or “Back” text, and image of the card will appear.  If there is no “Front” or “Back” text present, then no image has been loaded.

Comment/Variation – If the card is a variant, this is where you will find the nature of the variation.  Otherwise…put any other details of the cards here.

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