Country Bear Band Snapshots – Tokyo Disneyland

TD_Bears1As I mentioned last time, I recently purchased some early postcards and postcard sets from Tokyo Disneyland.  Today I wanted to share a set of cards with a Country Bear theme – Country Bear Band Snapshots!

The set comes in a folder, and contains 12 different drawings of the Country Bears about different activities.  The set is probably vintage 1980’s but I cannot be totally sure. The only numbering I can find on it is 0101-1000-680, but this is only on the folder, not on the cards themselves.

TD_bearsOf the twelve cards, I am showing two here.  “Saturday Night Bath” has one of the bears cleaning up while apparently singing or something.  I like the raccoon on this card sitting in the tiny bath next to the bear!  Overall a great little sketch.  No artist credit is given…but I suspect it would not be too hard to find out who this is from someone at the Disney Archive.

TD_bears_0001The second I am showing here has another bear educating a smaller bear about how to make a bottle whistle.  At first, I thought he was teaching the cub about the finer spirits being distilled in the countryside, but that would not have made a lot of sense!  The title on the back is “That’s right.  You got it!”

I have a few more Tokyo sets that I will TD_Bears1_0001break out and share over the next few weeks.  I am also slowly getting some of these newly acquired cards up into the database.  The pre-opening Tokyo set I spoke of last time is scanned in.

Until next time…

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