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I was looking at the completed sales on eBay last night and was surprised by a few things that I thought I would share with you.  The bottom line is that this hobby is still rather vibrant…but small, and this can be a really good thing for the discriminating collector!

Monsanto_Jumbo_frontFirst off is this Monsanto Jumbo card that sold for $33.35.  I have one of these cards that I got as part of a lot about 10 years ago.  This thing is rare! (and I do not think it is in the Nickel Tour).  It is almost never up for sale, and when it is, a collector should expect to pay, which is why I feature it here.  Sure, $33 is kind of the middle of the road for rarer cards from Disneyland…but in this collector’s opinion, getting this at that price was a steal!  Most of the Monsanto give away cards are as common as air…but not this one! So, if you don’t have one of these in your collection, keep an eye out.  Maybe another will come up and you can get it cheap.

Moving along…this sale also caught my eye.  Now, not Discovery_Island_bookleteveryone collects albums of postcards, and I can understand that. Individual cards just seem to be more collectible.  But the thing is, there are often images in these booklets that you will not find printed as an individual card.  As we have discussed on this blog before, a collector will often times find a card that looks rare, but it was actually taken from the inside of a booklet, so it just is not often seen.  In this particular lot, a WDW Discovery Island booklet sold for $7.99. I have seen it go for a lot more. Interestingly, another booklet offered by the same seller (World River Country) sold for $24.94.  There are quite a few other WDW booklets out there.  Prices for these will fluctuate wildly though, depending on who is watching and bidding.

Another result I noticed is for Disneyland NT0366, the Mine Train.  This card is not super common, but not rare either.  I have it in the price guide as uncommon. Recently, two of these were offered in separate sales.  Both cards looked to be in decent shape and unused.  One got $20.50 after being sold at auction, the other got $7.50 and NT0366sold as “Buy-it-Now”!  So…I wanted to mention this just to remind you that there are bargains to be had out there.  This is one reason I started my price guide.  There may not be a lot of data in it right now…but in time, I think it will be useful and help the uninitiated get a sense of what is and is not collectible.  (Yes…I have entered these two results for NT0366!)

There are more interesting results out there if you care to look.  Click here and then just go to the left of the page and click sold items. Be careful…you can waste a lot of time looking at these results!

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