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Disney_ThankYouI spent a little bit of time today up at a small vintage paper fair in Santa Cruz.  It was a brief one day show that was free to all San Francisco Bay Area Postcard Collector Society members.  I was primarily searching for (you guessed it) Disneyland stuff…but also came away with a lot of great vintage airliner stuff as well.

First up I will share this non-Nickel Tour Disney_ThankYou_0001card that I found today.  I have seen this card on eBay several times and have just not pulled the trigger.  But, Nick Farago was there at the show today and gave me a little background on the card and I bought this from him.  The card was used as a thank you to anyone who wrote the studios.  It says in tiny print on the front  “Copyright 1955 Walt Disney Productions”.  How this relates to Disneyland is the sentence on the bottom of the card on the rear, “The Magic Kingdom. DISNEYLAND…now open in Anaheim, California.”  This was post marked May, 1957, so the park had been open for a while.  So, the card was used as a promotional tool for the park…as well as a thank you card. Perhaps some of the readers of this blog have versions of this card with an earlier postmark?  One extra thing…I think the Cinderella postmark adds some flair to the card…wouldn’t be the same without it!

NT1157I also found a copy of NT1157, the Helms Bakery card showing their Rose Parade float from January 1, 1955 (click on the image to see the back of the card). This float was used to promote the park…and features a castle, a Dumbo ride, and Mickey Mouse.  I can’t quite make out all the words on the front of the float…it says, “There is a good _____”. Anyway, it’s a neat card depicting one of the many ways that Walt and Roy went about promoting the park!

That’s it for today.  I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying (hopefully) nice spring weather in your area!

Until next time…

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