World Showcase at EPCOT

EP_0100-50106EP_0100-50106_0001Recently my blog has been a bit “Disneyland” centric. Sure, Disneyland was the first park to be constructed…and certainly has some of the most interesting early cards…but the other parks have great sets of cards too. And that brings me to today’s blog.

I have, sadly, only been to WDW on one occasion as an adult. It was a few years ago with my extended family for the Thanksgiving holiday week. It was crowded as a result of the timing, but we had a great time exploring all of the properties in Florida. Of all the properties there, I think my favorite is EPCOT.  Looking back…I was most impressed by the World Showcase. It was an opportunity for Disney Imagineers to demonstrate their uncanny ability to research an architectural style, recreate it, and blend it with other styles in a small area. It is brilliantly done, and I am looking forward to my next visit (maybe next year…we’ll see).

Anyway, this particular card (0100-50106) shows the United Kingdom area at EPCOT. We get a thatched roof cottage, a castle reminiscent of Balmoral Castle, another structure after St. James Palace (not visible in this card) a typical exposed beam cottage and a few other styles (I am no historian of architecture…this is just what I see at a glance!) But it is a well put together scene…something that is a pleasure to walk into and through.

I will try to feature cards from the other parks more frequently. Lord knows there are enough cards and topics from all the parks to keep me engaged for some time to come! I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.

Until next time…

P.S. Note that there is another black and white card up for auction this week…see the auctions at right. NT088 – The Mark Twain was just listed today and will run for seven days. The Jungle Cruise card, NT0087, closed today and got $429…amazing!

P.P.S. For other EPCOT cards online…check out these auctions.

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