Black and White Walt Disney card set(s)


Walt in Front of the Stagecoach

I have always been under the impression that there was only one black and white set of cards that were published with vintage images of Walt Disney on them.  This would be the set commemorating Walt’s 100th Birthday (one of the cards pictured at right).  But tonight, I came across another set of eight cards (where some of the images are the same as the birthday set) that was also produced around 2001.  This new-to-me set was released as part of the Disney “Family Reunion” that took place during an “official” Disneyana convention in 2001.

The cards in this set each have a golden Mickey seal on them and come in a velum folder.  The set is available online right now, here.  Perhaps I have had my head in the sand on this, but it is the first I have heard of this set.

Getting either the birthday set or this “Family Reunion” set complete is not trivial.  You probably won’t have to pay a ton to get them, but they do not seem to come up very often as complete sets.  The cards in the 100th birthday set are often available as singles though.

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P.S.  You’ll note I have the jumbo Fantasyland card featured at right.  There is actually another one available online right now as well.  That is unusual, and it affords the collector an opportunity to get a great deal.

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