NT0087 – Another Jewel

NT0087In my last post, I featured the NT0089 black and white card that was for sale online.  Well, in the interest of equal treatment, I had to give this card the same billing!  This is NT0087 – The Jungle Cruise…and it’s being sold by the same seller who sold the NT0089 card.  I was actually in touch with him about using his images in my posts (he gave me permission), and he said he will be offering the full set, one card a week, for the next few weeks.

Is this card awesome…or what?!?!  The black and white does so much to lend an atmosphere of adventure to the scene.  It is reminiscent of  The African Queen!  I almost expect to zoom in on the card and see Bogart and Hepburn on the boat!  And this is one that I do not think I have ever seen for sale online.  Sure…I probably missed it once or twice, but I have scene a couple of the Rocket to the Moon, and a couple castle cards…but not this one.

African_QueenAs a quick aside…the Nickel Tour really has very little to say about the cards.  Just that they were published in Germany on photo paper.  One does wonder how many of them are out there, but the NT says that they are probably the rarest cards of all.

So..expect at least three more posts going forward on the remainder of the set.  If you are looking to build a great foundation for your collection…now is the time!

Oh…one more thing…you’ll note that I have put a selection of interesting auctions over on the right side-bar.  This is my attempt to keep you…my loyal readers…abreast of the happenings on eBay (I may eventually add some delcampe.fr or other auction sites as listings merit).  I will refresh this as auctions end and begin.  Hopefully, you will find this useful.

Until next time…

P.S.  That’s the cover to my Modern Library edition of the African Queen.  Warning…collecting Modern Library books with dust-jackets can be addicting!

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