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NT0344_BW By now you have seen that there is an NT0088 card up for auction on eBay.  This is the third card of the five card black and white set that has been offered by the seller over the last few weeks.  The other two will be coming in the following weeks, based on what the seller has communicated to me.  There isn’t much more to say about these cards than what has already been said, but the auctions have gotten me thinking.  What color postcards out there would work well in black and white?

I think the answer to that question is…many!  I decided to pull a card similar to NT0088 and give my theory a try.  This is NT0344 – DOWN THE GREAT “RIVERS OF AMERICA”.  I saved it in black and white and NT0344_Sepiasepia tone.  I really like the sepia one.  What do you think?

Other than this card, I think a lot of the Jungle Cruise and Main Street cards would look great in black and white or sepia.  I am specifically thinking that NT0120 – INTERIOR OF SWIFT MARKET HOUSE MAIN STREET, DISNEYLAND, U.S.A. would be great.  Send me your ideas, and I will post them up on the site!

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Hello. I have been collecting Disneyland postcards and paper items for a few years now and figured I would start to share my collection with any and all who are interested. I actually started blogging on Blogger ( but after a while realized I wanted a dedicated Disney site since it is a fairly niche hobby. Enjoy!
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