Bang for the Buck

I suspect most of my readers are aware of the folder that I am featuring here today.  It appears online every now and then and usually sells for a reasonable price.  But, I wanted to record this post “for the record” so that any new collector stumbling on the blog will understand the value that this folder represents.


The bottom line is simple.  This folder reprints all of the panorama cards from NT0470 thru NT0482.  One could go out and get the individual cards (if you can find them), or you can get this folder and use the savings to spend several days (!) at Disneyland.  Ideally you would do both!  But…that’s between you and your pocketbook!

Oh, one more thing to keep in mind.  There is a variant of this folder…it has a 6¢ symbol in the stamp box and a 25¢ price printed on it.  Click here to see a picture of that.

What’s my favorite image of the bunch?  Hard to say…but the Tomorrowland shot is pretty cool.  And there is one of those available for sale right now…check out that here.

Until next time…

P.S.  I have created a new page on the blog that will feature other non-postcard related Disney stuff that I thought my readers might be interested in.  This blog will remain dedicated to the postcards of the parks, but I might throw in a few blogs on other stuff every now and then.  You can click here to see that…or just click the link in the menu bar above.

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