Walt Disney Cut-Out Numeral Postcards

cut-out_no5Usually on this blog we focus on Disney postcards that were sold at the different Disney parks around the world. But if you read here frequently, you know that I do like to collect and blog on other Disney paper items.  So, when I saw this on eBay the other day, I could not resist!

I am still piecing together the back story on these cards. The small text on the front of this card seems to indicate that it was published shortly after the release of Snow White in 1937.  The publisher of the card, Valentine & Sons, Ltd., was founded in Dundee, Scotland in 1825.  After a long and successful run, what remained of the company was ultimately sold to Hallmark in 1980.

cut-out_no5_0001I just received this numeral 5 in the mail today…and was surprised to find that it had a glossy finish on the front.  I would have thought the card would have more of a matte or linen finish…but it is glossy.  I didn’t think that they made glossy cards as early as the 1930’s, so I will be asking my fellow collectors at the San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club (SFBAPCC) to see if this card really was published in the 1930’s or was of later vintage.

Either way…I found the art work on this card irresistable! Since finding this one, I have found several other numerals available online (1, 3, 8, 10).  If you are interested in starting your own collection…try going to eBay’s UK site.  Most of these cards are, as you would expect, over there.  That is, in fact, where I picked up the numeral 5 I showed here today.

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  1. Hi Todd, If you’re interested, I have a number of the Snow White cards posted here:

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