Vacationland Magazine – A Treasure Trove of Early Disney Magic

Vacationland_S1961When I first started looking for and discovering Disney postcards at garage and estate sales, occasionally I would also come across copies of a magazine that was loaded with Disney images and advertising.  This was Vacationland…a promotional magazine published by the Disney company to promote the park.

According to Jim Korkis over on MousePlanet, ”  Vacationland was primarily a free magazine available in the hotels near Disneyland and later Walt Disney World. For the first six issues, it was called Disneyland Holiday, possibly to associate it with the Holidayland part of Disneyland. Vacationland was the brainchild of Disney legend Marty Sklar. The first issue appeared Spring 1957. The magazine was published quarterly by Disney to theme in with the different seasons. (Later it was published just three times a year.)”

Vacationland_Rec_AdIt really is a wonderful magazine as it highlights the happenings at the park and also has many images and artwork that bring back the past of the park in all of its wonderful detail.  Many of the images are identical to the postcards of the era, but many are different. As Mr. Korkis says, it was primarily an advertising vehicle, so there are a lot of ads in the magazine….but even they are fun to look at given the distance of 60 years.  Shown here is an ad for Disneyland Records…how about we break out the turn table and have a listen to “Meet Me Down on Main Street”?!?!

Of course, issues of Vacationland magazine can still be found on eBay and other collectible sites online at a fairly reasonable price.  Expect to pay between $10 and $30 for any given issue.  A bargain for a trip into the past!

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P.P.S  I have uploaded quite a few more Tokyo Disneyland cards into the checklist database.  You can see them by filtering on “TD” in the “Search Keyword” field.  Any of the cards starting with “TD” in the NT# field are Tokyo cards.  And on this subject…if any of you know where I can find copies of the pre-opening Tokyo cards…I would love to get a set.  Thanks!

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