The Omnibus – A Bob Gurr Masterpiece

183_front_imageLet’s face it…the Disneyland Omnibus is a rather humble affair.  It and other Main Street vehicles are often ignored by guests as they march up and down Main Street USA to get to where ever they are headed as soon as possible!  I have to admit that it was after many visits to Disneyland, that I finally said, “Hey…my feet are tired, and there isn’t anyone waiting to get on that bus!”

The attraction was designed by Disney Legend Bob Gurr.  Prior to the opening of the park, Bob was tasked with designing a few vehicles to ferry people up and down Main Street USA.  The Omnibus was one of these vehicles and was running at the park on opening day!  These cars are all still there today…including a couple others that were added shortly after the park opened.

If you have never taken the time…do yourself a favor and slow down a bit.  It’s a great attraction.  I have read online that the it is only seven and a half minutes from the Opera House to the Plaza.  Sitting on the ride and cruising at all of 4 mph, you get a sense of the old town feel that Walt was trying to capture.

The Omnibus has been used in several (if not all) of the parks around the world.  A quick Google search will result in a number of images showing the various forms it has taken over the years.

2246_front_imageThe image here is of the Tokyo Disneyland Omnibus (with some interesting fellows onboard!)  It is a postcard from Tokyo Disneyland; card TD0025 in the checklist.  There isn’t really an equivalent to Main Street USA at Tokyo Disneyland, so the bus will give you a tour around the whole plaza at the park.  Check out this map for the details!

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P.S.  I am not sure if it will end at this price…but as I write, this NT0380 Alice in Wonderland card is a steal at $5.99.

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