La Guerre des Étoiles at Euro Disney

DP-0212I have to confess to being a little distracted lately.  While working on my own Facebook page that relates to this site, I have also gotten absorbed in a few other Facebook Disney fan pages.  There are a lot of fan pages out there, but I have been actively participating in the Vintage Disneyland, Disney History Institute and Walt Disney Family Museum pages.  These are great pages and there is an active following on each.  So…check them out.  If you like what this blog is offering, you will like these Facebook communities as well.

My other distraction lately has been playing the Lego Star Wars video game with my eight year old!  He loves it…and when we are not playing baseball, or playing with DP-0215a recently revived slot car set…we will spend (waste?) some time playing Lego Star Wars.  In 1977, the year Star Wars came out, I was 10.  I can’t imagine being a more perfect age in order to be completely swept away by that fantastical world!  As you might expect…I was swept away, to some degree.  I was a card carrying member of the Star Wars fan club in 1978…and I still have the card to prove it!  But that is another story.

Needless to say, the Star Wars phenomenon swept over a lot of other folks too…and not least of all the folks at Disney.  Star Tours, the first non-Disney themed ride to appear at Disneyland, opened in January, 1987 (only 10 years after the release of the original movie).  It was a DP-0216huge success, and the same ride was installed at Tokyo Disneyland, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Paris.  These cards I show here are from Disneyland Paris (aka Euro Disney when the cards were published).  They are part of a set of six cards that can all be seen in the checklist database.  They number from 00108-00200 thru 00108-00205.  I have cataloged them as DP-0212 thru DP-0217.

The only original Star Tours ride still operating is in Disneyland Paris.  The other parks have all converted to the equally successful Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.  And as you are no doubt aware, after a long association with Lucasfilm, Disney bought the Star Wars franchise in October of 2012.  So…here’s to more interesting and fun adventures in the Star Wars universe to come.  Who knows…maybe we’ll get a few new post cards to boot!

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  1. Lenda says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on these facebook sites … didn’t know they existed!

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