More Disneyland Paris Postcards

DP-0166I just added a set of very cool early Disneyland Paris postcards to the database tonight.  These were sold at the park either at the opening or shortly after.  The cards all feature posters for early Mickey Mouse short films.  In and of themselves, these posters are fantastic…even without looking at the short itself!

If you want to check out the cards, they are number DP-0163 through DP-0168 in the checklist.

I guess that’s what these posters were intended to do in the first place – get people into the theatre.  These early movie posters are not unlike a lot of their contemporaries…masterful pieces of art work!  As an KingKongPosterexample, I thought I would share this King Kong poster from the 1930’s…just awesome!

That’s it for today…a pretty short post!  I’ll be back with more in the near future.  In the meantime…there is a copy of the D-131 art corner card card for sale on eBay if you haven’t already seen it.  Not much else exciting recently though (I could have missed some stuff…but it seems to have been pretty quiet out there lately!)

Until next time…

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