Disneyland Paris Postcard Checklist – A Start

Recently I have been putting together a list of Disneyland Paris post cards base on some purchases I have made over the last couple months (thanks Chris!)  No one on the internet seems to have a list of these cards, so I am going to do my best to start one here.  And by start, I mean just that!  I only have about 100 of these cards, but there clearly must be many more.  So…here is what I know so far!

The majority of the cards I have start with a “00108” prefix in the bar code on the back of the card. There are other sets of cards to be sure, but most of the early cards had this prefix.  Within this series, there are brief runs of a few cards, but then there are large gaps with no cards that I know of. Tonight I will talk about the pre-opening art cards (which actually have a “00100” prefix) and the first set of 00108 series cards.

DP-0009The pre-opening cards, which I have spoken of before, will naturally start of the Disneyland Paris postcard checklist.   Going from 00100-00096 thru 00100-00107 (with one exception…see below), these cards show some fantastic concept art for the Disneyland Paris park.  They have “No.1” thru “No.12” printed just above the bar code on the back.  One oddity with this group…No. 1 thru No.12 are not in numerical order relative to the bar code. And where you would expect to see a 00100-00100 card, we get 000100 001716. For the puposes of the checklist, I have labelled these cards as NT# DP0001 thru DP0012.  You can see them all in the checklist tool on this site.  Just filter on “DP” and you will find them.

DP-0018The next set of cards begins the 00108 series. These cards run from 00108-00001 through 00108-00009.  These are all reproductions of Disney movie posters in French. Cinderella (Cendrillon), Fantasia, The Little Mermaid (La Petite Sirene), etc.  These ten cards, which include a variation of card 00108-0009, are all in the checklist and listed as NT# DP0013 through DP0021A.

After card 00108-00009, there is a giant gap up to the next set of cards in the 00108 series.  The next card I have is 00108-00096 (oddly enough, it is a reprint of DP0001).  There could easily be more cards out there that fill this gap, but I don’t know of them.

So…here is a screen shot from the checklist tool of what we have covered in this post:


I don’t want to get too carried away and put too much technical info into one post!  So, I am going to leave off here and pick it up another time with the next set of Disneyland Paris cards in the 00108 series.  I hope that this brief glimpse has piqued your curiosity for what is to come!

Until next time…

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