A Start: Disneyland Postcard Price Guide

Note…I have edited the content of this post to agree with the manner in which the price guide has evolved …the jist of the post has not changed though.  I posted the first guide info on the 14th of September 2012!


I have been thinking for sometime about generating a price guide for Disneyland postcards.  Of course, this is not something one person can do.  As an avid comic book collector, the “Bible” for that hobby is the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.  There are many advisors that contribute to the information in that book.

But not that many people collect Disneyland cards.  So…my thought was, build the guide on the web.  So, today…that’s what I am doing…or at least starting.  You may agree…you may think I am smoking something…but I would love to get your opinion either way.

Let me know what you think…I intend to keep this as a living document…occasionally adding and enhancing it based on input from the community (if I get any!).  I have also created a separate page for the Price Guide.  Formatting is a big question…as the database grows, getting it to be user friendly will be key.  But for now…it is what it is!

Until next time…

About Todd

Hello. I have been collecting Disneyland postcards and paper items for a few years now and figured I would start to share my collection with any and all who are interested. I actually started blogging on Blogger (sundrycollectibles.blogspot.net) but after a while realized I wanted a dedicated Disney site since it is a fairly niche hobby. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to A Start: Disneyland Postcard Price Guide

  1. Rob Newman says:

    I’m so glad you are developing a price guide. Last week I returned from a trip to Disneyland. Yesterday I decided to build a Disneyland postcard collection and have been scouring the web to find more information. I just ran across your site today and find it nothing short of excellent. Thanks for this labor of love.

    Unfortunately, while at Disneyland, I only thought of postcard collecting as an idea and never purchased a single card. So here I am, no cards and a day’s worth of knowledge from various web sites. How I wish I would have made the decision while at Disneyland.

    In any case, I will continue to learn, begin some purchases and have your site at the top of my list to review each morning. Thanks again.

    • Todd says:

      Thanks Rob…I hope I can live up to the “every day” expectation! Don’t be surprised if I miss a day here and there…with the other blog I have and my day job, the time seems to get scarcer and scarcer!!

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