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Every now and then on this blog I will back away from the postcards and feature other Disney related ephemera.  Truth be told, I have a lot of Disney related comic books, and a few fun items related to the parks.  Nothing too spetacular that hasn’t been seen before…but fun to break out every know and then and talk about.

Tonight I thought I would blog on this page from the 1960 guide to Disneyland.  These books are often scene for sale online and can be had fairly cheaply…but usually we only get to see the front cover scan.  In this guide, as in previous guides, there is a page on “coming attractions”.

The Haunted House was, of course, built and is now a classic at the park.  Interestingly though…it was not opened until August of 1969.

Chinatown would have been really cool, I think, but never came to fruition at Disneyland. I refer you to the Neverland Files for the history here.  It’s too bad this never happened as I think it would have added an international feel to Disneyland.  I suspect (although I might be wrong) that some of the ideas here were later used at Epcot.

Liberty Street was ultimately built at Walt Disney World in Florida…and while I have only visited there once in my adult life, I enjoyed that part of the park immensely.

As far as Adventures in Science…my Disney history isn’t that great, but I suspect that you could say this sort of got diluted and put into various exhibits and features (the Carrousel of Progress comes to mind) but, that’s all I can really think of.

Anyway…that is the magic of Disneyland.  I wonder what is coming next?  I know it is perhaps not a popular opinion, but part of me wants them to do something a little more ambitious on the land occupied by Autopia.  In our brave new world of electric and hybrid cars, it just seems a little odd to had overly choked gas engines sputtering along the tracks.

Until next time…

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