More Mary Blair Cards from the Walt Disney Family Museum

My family and I took a day trip up to “the City” yesterday and on the way back I dropped by the Disney Family Museum to see if there were any interesting items that I could share.  You may recall my post from a few weeks back on the Japanese Alice in Wonderland card.  This card and the set it came from were all part of  “The Colors of Mary Blair” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo a few years back.  Like I said before…I am not quite sure how all these cards ended up at the Disney Family Museum…but there they are.  They still have that set there, although, not the Alice card that I showed before (at least I didn’t see it).  There are about thirty some odd cards in the set including a great card of Mary herself.

In addition to these there were a few exhibit related cards that I picked up and general museum cards as well (the card of the color jars used to paint animation cells is pretty cool).

If you would like to get some of these cards, I would be happy to pick something up and send it along after my next visit.  I am thinking I may be visiting here more frequently now that my kids are getting to be older and it’s a little easier to take the time.

Until next time…

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