A Curious French Disneyland Postcard

NT0644The fact that the French Disneyland postcards are rare is likely not a surprise to anyone reading this blog.  Behind the German black & white cards, the French cards are the next hardest to find, according to the Nickel Tour.  They were sold at Disneyland, to be sure. If you look carefully at the photo postcard of the Art Corner (NT0122) you can see the cards under a sign that says Cartes Postales in the upper right hand portion of the card. (At least I am pretty sure those are the French cards back there…it’s a little hard to tell).

But were the cards sold anywhere else?  This copy of NT0644 that I picked up recently makes me think that maybe they were.  It is post-marked November 11, 1959 and was sent from Paris (Gare Montparnasse to be exact).  The recipient of the card was someone in the UK.  The greeting is written in English.  I suppose it is possible that the person who wrote the card was at Disneyland and did not send the card until they got to Paris…but that seems unlikely given the subject matter and the postmark location (a train station in Paris).

NT0644_0001Another thought:  If you are looking for these online, I suggest searching for more than “Disneyland Postcards”…or any other term like that.  The cards all say Walt Disney Productions on the back, but that’s it.  There is no mention of Disneyland.  It might make more sense to search for “Mickey Mouse, Eiffel Tower”, or something along those lines.

Happy hunting!

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