The Western River Railroad at Tokyo Disneyland

TD0033Hello everyone…I hope this post finds you all enjoying the Christmas holiday season.  My family and I went out to get a Christmas tree today and spent the afternoon decorating it.  This evening I finally cleaned up my embarrassingly cluttered office!  (And I do mean embarrassing).  I thought I would finish up the day with a quick post on this card from Tokyo Disneyland – The Western River Railroad.

This attraction is different in a couple respects from other Disney park railroads in that it only has one stop, has a narrower gauge and does not circumnavigate the park.  It does take a tour of Adventureland at Tokyo Disneyland and the ride lasts for about 15 minutes (which strikes me as remarkably long for a tour with only one stop).

NT0051_0001A couple of things catch my eye when I look at this card though.  First of all, the card is reminiscent of NT0051, which shows the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad at Disneyland.  The angle of the shot and, of course, style of the train are so similar that one can’t help but be reminded of this card when you see the Tokyo card.

Secondly, I found it interesting that there appears to be sponsorship from Tomy on the Japanese train.   Sponsorship in the parks is not that unusual.  After all, today the Disneyland Railroad no longer carries the sponsoring “Santa Fe” name that it once did.  I wonder what a company like Tomy has to pay to get their name on an attraction at a Disney park?

Anyway…I will be posting on a few more Tokyo cards in the near future.  I am also slowly adding the ones I have to the checklist database.  So, you can check that out if you are interested.

Until next time…

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  1. Lenda says:

    Nice point Todd. I didn’t realize that Santa Fe sponsorship wasn’t a part of the train anymore … well I actually hadn’t really even thought about it. But the bigger question is why Disney allows the name to remain as part of that attraction vs. calling it the Disneyland Railroad. Haven’t all other ‘participants’ been stripped of their names in the attraction/business? Example: Gibson and Hallmark, Maxwell House and Hills Bros, General Electric, AT&T etc.

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