Interesting Finish on a Recent eBay Auction

Hello everyone!  I hope all of you had a good break from the routine over the holiday.  My family and I had a good “break”…but as the quotes indicate, sometimes the break feels more busy than the routine!  At least the “busy-ness” is filled with activities that are more fun than the usual!

ebay_lot_12_2013_1There was a pretty interesting result on eBay recently that I wanted to comment on today.  The seller must have found a set of cards at an estate sale or the like…and then posted them as a one lot.  Included in the group was NT0005, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, NT0016, The Pink Elephants, and a copy of the Jiminy Cricket Art Corner card, NT0583.  The other cards in the lot are mostly common, except for the aerial Disneyland view, which can often get a good result on its own depending on the day. (Looking more carefully at the lot while writing this post…there may have been two of these cards in the lot)

I was watching this auction with my nephew as the eBay_lot_12_2013_2clock ticked down to the final seconds.  With less than a minute to go, the bid was sitting at something like $22.  My guess was that the ending price would be around $100-$125 for “retail” of these cards.  ($40-$50 for NT0005, $20-25 for NT0016, $25-$30 for the Art Corner card (this might be low), and maybe $15-$20 for the aerial view…the rest of the cards “free with purchase”).

In the last ten seconds the bidding came fast and furious.  $70…$81…$101…$132…with a final winning bid of $135.10.

So…what do we learn here?  A couple things I think.  First off…the NT0005 card continues to command a premium.  I think everyone bidding here saw that as the most valuable card in the lot.  The NT0583 card may have contributed to the price more than I guess…but we would need to see one go separately before making any real judgements there.  And while we don’t see NT0016 that often, pegging it around $25-$30 seems about right based on this and other results.

Anyway…that’s all I have today.  Stay tuned for my next post which will be on Disneyland Paris postcards.

Until next time…

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