Bidding War – NT0603

As I have mentioned before, the “holy grail” of this hobby, in my opinion, is the Silver Banjo card NT1120B.  I don’t remember the exact price, but I saw this card sell on eBay some time ago for something in the neighborhood of $420.  That’s a fair amount of cash for a hobby that is actively participated in by less than a couple hundred people (again…my opinion/estimation.)  There may be little supply…but clearly, for this card, there was adequate demand.

As in most hobbies, though, there are always close contenders for that top “holy grail” spot.  In comics (one of my other passions) it’s always a toss up if the first Superman comic (Action #1) or first Batman comic (Detective Comics #27) will be on top in the “price realized” category.  And this hobby is no different!

NT0603_adjusted_3Today an auction closed on eBay for NT0603.  This is the Art Corner animated Donald Duck Frontierland card.  It’s a rather rare card, at least on eBay.  The card was up for seven days and when it was all over 11 bidders had bid 24 times to win this lot.  Final price was $380.

There are probably other cards out there that, if they showed up online, would challenge this price.  Say NT0599 or NT0601.  I have never seen either one of those.  I guess we’ll have to keep an eye out and see what happens!

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