Addendum to my last post – NT0572 thru NT0575

Hello everyone…I hope you are having a great start to the Labor Day weekend!

I was on travel when I wrote the previous post, so I didn’t have access to my collection.  When I got back, though, I was able to take a closer look at my postcards and found something a little odd.

NT0572 thru NT0575 are all animated cards with a similar design…a paper card with a smaller “Vari-Vue” card attached.

NT0572 (the one I posted on the other day) is of Mickey Mouse. If you look on Disneyland Postcards there are two of these shown…one with a black back, one with a blue back.  But the card that sold on eBay, the one I posted on a couple days ago, was different.  It had “G-1” and “20¢” in the stamp box.  So…I will call that card NT0572b.



NT0573 and NT0573A (Mickey and Pluto) are both listed in the Nickel Tour.  But the 20¢ stamp box thing is not mentioned.  Disneyland Postcards shows a number of variations of this card…and does show NT0573A with a “G-3” and the “20¢” price in the stamp box.  There are other variations of this card as well…one with a Vari-Vue that is too small (NT0573Aa…pictured here) and one with no Vari-Vue card on it at all!



NT0574 (Chip & Dale) does not appear to have any variants on Disneyland Postcards other than blue/black text thing…but I have a “G-2” variant card in my collection, and I will call that NT0574b.  It’s the only version I have of that card, and is pictured here.



NT0575 (Mermaid with Donald Duck) exists in variations similar to NT0573. (Blue/black text, G-4 and 20¢ price in stamp box).  I can’t find my versions of these cards at the moment…so no pictures!

So…there you have it…a brief (albeit a little confusing!) primer on this set of four Vari-Vue cards!  I hope you all found this useful.

Until next time…

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