Addendum to my last post – NT0572 thru NT0575

Hello everyone…I hope you are having a great start to the Labor Day weekend!

I was on travel when I wrote the previous post, so I didn’t have access to my collection.  When I got back, though, I was able to take a closer look at my postcards and found something a little odd.

NT0572 thru NT0575 are all animated cards with a similar design…a paper card with a smaller “Vari-Vue” card attached.

NT0572 (the one I posted on the other day) is of Mickey Mouse. If you look on Disneyland Postcards there are two of these shown…one with a black back, one with a blue back.  But the card that sold on eBay, the one I posted on a couple days ago, was different.  It had “G-1” and “20¢” in the stamp box.  So…I will call that card NT0572b.



NT0573 and NT0573A (Mickey and Pluto) are both listed in the Nickel Tour.  But the 20¢ stamp box thing is not mentioned.  Disneyland Postcards shows a number of variations of this card…and does show NT0573A with a “G-3” and the “20¢” price in the stamp box.  There are other variations of this card as well…one with a Vari-Vue that is too small (NT0573Aa…pictured here) and one with no Vari-Vue card on it at all!



NT0574 (Chip & Dale) does not appear to have any variants on Disneyland Postcards other than blue/black text thing…but I have a “G-2” variant card in my collection, and I will call that NT0574b.  It’s the only version I have of that card, and is pictured here.



NT0575 (Mermaid with Donald Duck) exists in variations similar to NT0573. (Blue/black text, G-4 and 20¢ price in stamp box).  I can’t find my versions of these cards at the moment…so no pictures!

So…there you have it…a brief (albeit a little confusing!) primer on this set of four Vari-Vue cards!  I hope you all found this useful.

Until next time…

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Hello. I have been collecting Disneyland postcards and paper items for a few years now and figured I would start to share my collection with any and all who are interested. I actually started blogging on Blogger ( but after a while realized I wanted a dedicated Disney site since it is a fairly niche hobby. Enjoy!
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5 Responses to Addendum to my last post – NT0572 thru NT0575

  1. shawn visser says:

    i know you have probably seen it already but check out this ebay item

  2. Todd says:

    Shawn…we were watching the same thing…see my latest post 🙂

  3. Becky says:

    Hi, I’ve been a long time collector of Disneyland postcards (25 years) and have just recently found your blog (love it!) Anyway – I thought I’d pass a comment along regarding the vari-vue cards. I was told years ago that there were versions of these cards that were not completely “real Disneyland cards”. Someone told me that there were additional cards printed without the plastic vari-vue attached and that someone bought or somehow acquired a lot of these “blank” cards and attached their own plastic pieces that were not the correct size to fill the entire blank space. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’ve always stayed away from the ones that have the smaller plastic pieces.

    • Todd says:

      Becky…that is true from what I have heard as well. Even last week, i saw one of these for sale on eBay. Usually it is the Mickey/Pluto card…but I think there is also a version like this of the Donald under the sea one too. Check out Chris Eslick’s site at .

      Glad you like the blog! And if you have anything you want to see or have any other comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

      • Becky Gray says:

        Thanks for the reply Todd. I have been going through my cards recently and noticed that I do have the Donald card that you mentioned.

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