A Splashin’ Good Time!

WDW_0100-12406 (1)Every once in a while you come across a card that, while not highly collected, is just not very easy to find.  Recently I was poking around eBay and came across just such a card from Walt Disney World.  This card, 0100-12406, shows an image of Fort Wilderness looking toward the Contemporary Resort and Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom.  It’s  4X6 and it’s WDW_0100-12406_0001 (1)original owner only saw fit to write “Florida” on the back!

I can’t put a year on this, and my copy of Nick Farago’s original WDW card list is buried somewhere in my office (only a few feet away from me to be sure…but it would take a while to dig out!).  But, it looks to be mid 1970’s to me…maybe 1980.  Space Mountain opened at WDW in 1975.

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Quick note….

NT0396I actually spent some time today adding a few images to the database.  It’s still pretty sparse, but every little bit counts.  I still have a vision to have all the card images in there.  All the of the card text from ALL of the cards in the Nickel Tour IS in the database.  So, either way, you can still search the text of the cards using the database…images or no.  It’s pretty handy actually!

Here is one of the cards I uploaded today…NT0396.  Always loved this image!  Reminds me of the old Wonderful World of Disney TV show.  If you see blanks of images between NT0001 and NT0400, and you have that card…don’t hesitate to let me know.  I could definitely use the help.  This is your database too!

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It’s been a while….

Yes indeed…it has been a while!

I have been well and truly distracted by the Facebook pages…that’s for sure.  I guess the reason is that they are very interactive, whereas this…well…it’s just me!  Either way I have been thinking lately that I want to get back to this site and try to execute some of the goals I had when I first started it.

First and foremost…I want to continue to make the database as good as it can be.  When I started the blog and the online database, my singular goal was to make the database searchable.  To some degree…this has been accomplished.  If you want to find a card that has the test “Matterhorn” on it (for example) that is easy to do.  The database acts as a searchable version of the Nickel Tour!

But I still have a long way to go to make the database user friendly and really useful.  For starters…it is not being searched by Google….so if someone randomly plugs in, say, P11876  in Google…it will not find the database.  (Interestingly…it will find my original post on sundrycollectibles.net though!)

So…I want to fix this.  It will probably take a while.  But that’s OK.  In the mean time…what do you want to see in terms of the database?  Have a suggestion?  Let me know…and I’ll see what I can do.

Promo-1_Front_Tower_Elevator_smallThanks for your patience with this project and please, join us on the Facebook group page, Disney Park Postcards.  I still have a lot of my special promo cards available (The Hollywood Tower of Terror…card #SCPC-0001…shown here), free to any member of that group!  Let me know if you are interested!

That’s all for now.

Until next time…

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New Facebook Group “Disney Park Postcards”

DCA-00007 13554Hi everyone!

BIG NEWS!! I have been contemplating a change on Facebook for a while, and today is the day!  Bottom line…I don’t like my current Facebook “Page” because I am the only one who can post to it effectively.  So…I have started a “Group” with essentially the same mission as the Page. The difference is that Groups are way more democratic than Pages.  Your posts will have the same visibility as mine…and the group can be used as an easy way for people to share cards and chat about the hobby.

“Disney Park Postcards” is the name…and you can find it here:


It’s a “Closed” group, so you will have to make a request to be added, and I will approve it.  Why closed, you ask?  Because Facebook is stupid!  If the group is “Public”, than all of your friends…even the ones who don’t give a rip about Disney postcards, would see any post you make in the group in their Facebook timeline.  I don’t want to bombard my friends with my fanaticism…I suspect most of you don’t either.

I will probably keep the Facebook “Page” up and running…but going forward, I think this new “Group” will be a more effective way for the community to communicate.

Until next time…

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New Disneyland Postcard!

NT_00008-61671Hello everyone…I hope this post finds you all well!

I still travel on business to the Anaheim area on occasion and today I had an extra 45 minutes, so I ran up to Downtown Disney, had some lunch and stepped into the World of Disney for a look around.  Low and behold, something I did not expect…a new NT_00008-61671_0001lenticular postcard! (at least to me)  I have been to the same postcard rack there every time I have visited for the last year or two, and it’s always the same.  This one may have escaped me last time, or the time before, but I think it is relatively new.  If you are a regular there too, maybe you can chime in on when this card came out.  There is no copyright info on the card, and no date.  It just says © Disney/Pixar.

Anyway…that’s all there is for now…I did stop by WonderGround and found a few new cards there too.  That place cranks new stuff out all the time.  At $3.45 a pop…it can get expensive though!  I’ll feature one of those in my next post.

Until next time…

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New Cars Land postcards

Cars_Land_Card_1Well, it isn’t often that a new postcard comes out of Disneyland these days…and when they do come out, you have to search for them!  I was surfing eBay recently and have seen this series of cards appear for sale.  The cards all come from Cars Land and I think there are four cards in the set…but since I have not personally been in the park since last February…I can’t verify this for sure.

Which brings to another point.  When the park does release a new card, it seems that it is being treated just like any other exclusive item in the park.  That is…you need to be a paying customer to get the card!  It used to be, ages back, that you could find a lot of cards at Downtown Disney.  But that has changed.  The last time I remember seeing anything like a spinner rack there was a looooong time ago!

Anyway…if you do find your self in the park…make sure to search these cards out.  And send me a scan if you do.  I won’t be going into the park for a couple more months!

Until next time…

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Interesting Recent eBay Results

Hello everyone!

I was looking at the completed sales on eBay last night and was surprised by a few things that I thought I would share with you.  The bottom line is that this hobby is still rather vibrant…but small, and this can be a really good thing for the discriminating collector!

Monsanto_Jumbo_frontFirst off is this Monsanto Jumbo card that sold for $33.35.  I have one of these cards that I got as part of a lot about 10 years ago.  This thing is rare! (and I do not think it is in the Nickel Tour).  It is almost never up for sale, and when it is, a collector should expect to pay, which is why I feature it here.  Sure, $33 is kind of the middle of the road for rarer cards from Disneyland…but in this collector’s opinion, getting this at that price was a steal!  Most of the Monsanto give away cards are as common as air…but not this one! So, if you don’t have one of these in your collection, keep an eye out.  Maybe another will come up and you can get it cheap.

Moving along…this sale also caught my eye.  Now, not Discovery_Island_bookleteveryone collects albums of postcards, and I can understand that. Individual cards just seem to be more collectible.  But the thing is, there are often images in these booklets that you will not find printed as an individual card.  As we have discussed on this blog before, a collector will often times find a card that looks rare, but it was actually taken from the inside of a booklet, so it just is not often seen.  In this particular lot, a WDW Discovery Island booklet sold for $7.99. I have seen it go for a lot more. Interestingly, another booklet offered by the same seller (World River Country) sold for $24.94.  There are quite a few other WDW booklets out there.  Prices for these will fluctuate wildly though, depending on who is watching and bidding.

Another result I noticed is for Disneyland NT0366, the Mine Train.  This card is not super common, but not rare either.  I have it in the price guide as uncommon. Recently, two of these were offered in separate sales.  Both cards looked to be in decent shape and unused.  One got $20.50 after being sold at auction, the other got $7.50 and NT0366sold as “Buy-it-Now”!  So…I wanted to mention this just to remind you that there are bargains to be had out there.  This is one reason I started my price guide.  There may not be a lot of data in it right now…but in time, I think it will be useful and help the uninitiated get a sense of what is and is not collectible.  (Yes…I have entered these two results for NT0366!)

There are more interesting results out there if you care to look.  Click here and then just go to the left of the page and click sold items. Be careful…you can waste a lot of time looking at these results!

Until next time…

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New Group of Disneyland Paris Postcards

990066Hello everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend.

This week, I have been corresponding with a seller on eBay about a number of Disneyland Paris postcards that they have up for sale.  I offered to purchase the cards as one lot, but he was more interested in selling them separately.  Long story short, after explaining that I run this site and am trying to put a database of all the Disneyland Paris postcards (and other parks too!) together, the seller (bryanwal3w35) offered to give me all of the scans for his auctions!  This was for about 40 postcards…so, that’s a lot of new data.

992008All of the cards are from around 2001 (except for one, I think).  And they all have a 12 digit number that starts with 060750.  It’s sort of difficult to say how many cards exist between the early Paris cards presently in the database and these cards here.  But I am inclined to believe that there are quite a few cards in the complete Paris “catalogue”.  The 992008_0001French, and Europeans in general, have traditionally used postcards to communicate.  In Paris there are a number of postcard dealers and the hobby of collecting postcards is participated in by many a collector.

It will likely be a few weeks before I get all of these cards added to the database.  I need to figure out how to number them.  I may just give them “provisional” numbers and put them in there.

I am actually on my way to Europe this Saturday and will be spending a few days in Paris.  One of my goals is to search out a few shops that specialize in postcards and see if I can track down a collector or dealer who either has a complete listing of the Disneyland Paris postcards, or who has some of the cards for sale.  Stay tuned!

Until next time…

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A Brief WonderGround Gallery Postcard Primer

WG_AdCard_1Hello Everyone!

Yes…it’s been a while, but I have had other things going on.  There just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all! But, never fear!  I have no plans to stop blogging, I just can’t guarantee how often I will be doing it.

First off, the checklist presently has an issue with the “Recent Price”category.  I am in the midst of getting it fixed.  The guide still works fine, but for some reason the code is being rendered differently now than in the past and it is generating an error.  In the mean time, you can just click on “Choose Display Fields”, uncheck the “Recent Price” box, and hit “Submit”.  That column will then go away.  Stay tuned…(editor’s note…the error has been fixed!)

I wanted to spend this post giving you all a brief primer on the postcards that can be found at the WonderGround Gallery located in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California.  I do not profess to be an expert on these cards, but I do believe I possess a high percentage of the cards that have been sold there.

WonderGround opened it’s doors a few years ago (I don’t know the exact date) and is a Disney owned property.  It features the art of various Disney artists and sells there work in various formats…from postcards all the way up to large limited edition giclée canvases.

WG_684312I personally have 53 unique WonderGorund Gallery postcards.  I suspect that there are at least 10-20 more…and possibly quite a few more.  That said…when I look at all the WonderGround cards for sale on eBay…I have almost all of them.  So…I am guessing there are not more than 60-70 total cards as of this writing.

The bar code number associated with each card is not printed on the cards themselves. Rather the numbers appear on a price tag label used to seal the plastic sleeve that contains each card.  The lower numbers I have are the cards that are the oldest.  The highest numbers I
have are the cards I bought most recently.  This suggests that there is some semblance of ascending order in the card numbering…but the numbering scheme itself seems rather random.

The earliest card I have is numbered WG_86670900006 84312 (“Hipster Mickey” by Jerrod Maruyama).  I bought this sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.  The most recent card I have is 00008 66709 (“The Fairest One of All” by Shannon Bonatakis).  I purchased this card sometime in May, 2014.

The two earliest cards in my collection a have slightly different back than all the rest.  The banner on the top back says “WonderGround – An Uncommon Gallery”.   All the other cards say “WonderGround Gallery”.

Up until about two months ago (April, 2014), the cards cost $2.95 each.  Like many things at Disneyland though, the price has gone up.  The cards now cost $3.45 each.

WG_866709_0001So there you have it.  A brief primer on the WonderGround Gallery and it’s postcards.  I will continue to occasionally feature these cards on the blog as these are the only new cards coming out on a regular basis at the park.  New postcards of the park proper are rare.  Facebook, Instagram and all the rest have taken their toll on the postcard as a form of communication!

Until next time…

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Behind the Magic – 50 Years of Disneyland

Behind_Magic_0003I have been meaning to post on this set for a long time and am only now getting around to it.  Too many cards, too little time!

This set, “Behind the Magic – 50 Years of Disneyland” was an exhibit at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan.  The set consists of 24 different cards, all about 4X6 inches…maybe a little less.  All the cards feature concept art for everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to Disneyland Paris.

What’s great about this set is the wide variety of work represented, and the seldom seen pieces that are reproduced.  The Ryman castle sketch is a classic that is familiar to most Disney fans.  But Behind_Magic_0004how many of you have seen the Tom Sawyer Island art work before (shown here – artist not credited, listed as 1956).  Or, what about the color concept for the castle at Disneyland Paris?  Or the concept art for Mickey’s car in Toontown?

The set pops up on eBay now and then, but it is not that common.  Expect to pay between $20 and $30 for it.  That’s what I paid anyway…maybe you can get a better deal!

Until next time…

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