WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney, Anaheim


“Her Sleep” by artist J. Scott Campbell and Nei

The other day, while on business in SoCal, I had the good fortune of having a couple hours to burn in the Anaheim area.  So, I ran over to Downtown Disney to see if there was any new cards that might be available at any of the Disney owned shops or in the Disney Store itself.  The cards at the Disney Store remain the same as they were a month or so ago when I last visited…but I did drop into the WonderGround Gallery, a gallery for Disney affiliated artists to show, sign, and sell their work.

All told I picked up about 10 postcards in the shop…every thing they had, I think.  And there really is some neat stuff there.  One of my favorite cards is this one by J. Scott Campbell and Nei called “Her Sleep”.  Just a great rendition of the spell cast by Maleficent over Sleeping Beauty.  The card is numbered 00007 38249, but not on the card itself, only on the plastic wrapper.

If you find yourself in the area…definitely drop by.  There is bound to be something that will interest you, and they are always adding new work and even holding special events throughout the year.  Oh…and one last thing…say hello to Maria, she is a postcard fan and works at the shop!

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