WDW_00156_15303_0001A few years ago my family and I were down at WDW and I found a series of cards labelled the “Art of Disney Theme Parks”. There are about 25-30 cards in this set…and in my particular case I have the recollection of finding them at EPCOT.  These are not rare, and for all I know they are still selling them at WDW.  They have an image area of about 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 with an embossed white border and an embossed Disney castle logo on the bottom.  They were meant to be framed, I think, and they would look pretty good if they were.

This particular card is pretty well done.  The title of the card is simply “Vision” with a quote by Disney, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  It shows a semi-transparent image of Disney and the Cinderella castle in the back sitting on a desolate Florida lanscape.  Indeed, it is fair to say that while he did not see the completion of Disney World with his own eyes, he clearly had the vision that allowed him to see it before it even started.  I wonder how many people thought he was foolish to start Disneyland…or even WDW?  Many, I suspect.  I am not always a fan of some of those “inspirational” posters.  You know, the ones that have a nice photo and say “Courage” or “Perseverance” followed by a short saying. Some of them just seem kind of silly.  But Disney did have vision “in spades” as they say.  His vision is inspiring…to me at least.

The card number is 00156 15303.  Actual size is about 5X7.

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