Trip Report – Disneyland October 2012

My family and I made the trek down to Disneyland and California Adventure over the weekend.  This was Columbus day weekend, so things were a tad “tight”, but we still had a good time.  To be extra clear…for the record…don’t let anyone tell you that Columbus Day is not crowded at Disneyland…it is most definitely crowded.

On the postcard front, I continue to be amazed at the dwindling number of cards available.  All told…I only found nine regular cards on offer, one fold out set, one special edition Radiator Springs card, two different special sets in tins (Mary Blair Small World, and Castles), one California Adventure set in a box (12 cards, 4 unique) and then two rather interesting cards that came with a charm bracelet.

On the other hand…the pin madness continues.  Pins…and more pins….everywhere.  If you collect pins…I have nothing against the hobby.  I have just always felt that someting that is manufactured from day one to be a collectible…really isn’t.  Eventually…it will be worthless.  (Just my humble opinion).  Think Beanie Babies.

Going back to the funky bracelet post cards…these were rather interesting. One of the cards was a reproduction of an early multi-view…NT0496, I think.  The other, was a California Adventure card that was not available without the charms.  $39.99 and $44.99 respectively.  Sorry…not biting!

As to the actually parks…we had a good time…and I was amazed at the detail in Cars Land.  You feel as if you are actually on the movie “set”.  Perfect…down to the last detail.  Fantastic!

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