Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary

Disney_Tokyo_25_boxPerhaps you saw these cards for sale on eBay last week.  I did, and decided to bid on the lot.  I am glad I did, as the set has 31 cards in a cool tin with the original paper display stand from the point of sale.

The tin says “And the Dream Goes On…” on the cover, with the number 25 spelled out with images of the 31 cards in the set.  It has an original price tag of 2000 Yen on it…so, about $25  back in 2008…give or take.

The cards themselves celebrate the 25th Disney_Tokyo_25thanniversary not only of the park, but also of
DisneySea.  Apparently the concepts that were executed at DisneySea had been in the making for nearly 20 years by the time the park was opened in 2001.  Based on the Wikipedia entry, the park was potentially going to be built in Long Beach, California.  This didn’t happen though due to financial issues.  I am not quite sure why financial issues would cause the park to be built in Japan and not in the U.S.  Another site online says that Long Beach and Anaheim were actually competing to build a second Disney park in Southern California, and Disney_Tokyo_25th_0001Anaheim won the competition, which lead to Disney California Adventure.  I have to believe that there is more to this story…and that one of the readers of this blog can fill us in!

Anyway…back to the cards.  They are fairly basic with some interesting designs.  One note…the cards are all essentially identical on the back.  There are no numbers that differentiate one from another.  So…this really is something that goes as a set.

I look forward to blogging on more “exo-Disneyland” cards in the future…the possibilities are many!

Until next time…

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