Panorama Card – Disney Family Museum

Here’s an interesting card from the Disney Family Museum that I picked up recently.  The card has a caption on the back that reads.”The Disneyland of Walt’s Imagination…”, but does not give any information on why the diorama (which was built in 2010) was of the given era evident on the card.  I assumed when I bought it that the diorama was modeled after the Disneyland of today, but a brief closer look clearly shows that it is not.

Looking closely, you can see the Mine Train in the back, Rainbow Ridge, the Skyway, the People Mover, the Indian Village, and other features that put the diorama around 1960 or so.  (Maybe you hardcore historians will correct me there…)

Anyway…this card is still available in the shop if you find yourself in the Presidio of San Francisco.

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