NT1686 and the Spanish Main!

NT1686I decided to just reach into one of my boxes tonight and blog on whatever I pulled out. Turns out the lucky card was NT1686, Swashbucklers of the Spanish Main!  This card has a few things worthy of discussion actually, and a few questions that it raises as well.

The 00100 cards are, according to the NT1686_0001Nickel Tour, all re-issues of the 0100 cards.
This card is a continental sized card (4 X 6 inches), same as the the 0100 card would have been.  And this card came in two varieties that, while called out in the Nickel Tour, they are not treated with seperate numbers.  One has no Disneyland logo, the other (this one) does.  So, while both cards are considered to be NT1686, there is that difference.

Spanish Main

From the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL

Reading the caption on the back got me thinking;  What exactly is, the Spanish “Main”?  The Main what?  Main ships?  Main naval force?  Until tonight I have to confess to ignorance.  Well…in fact…neither guess is correct.  The Spanish Main was considered to be the geographical area of land that enclosed the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.  So, present day south-eastern United States, eastern Mexico, and the eastern and northern portions of Central and South America respectively would have made up the Spanish Main.

So…there you have it…not only is collecting Disney post cards fun, but you can actually learn something every now and then!

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