NT1119(A?)**- Wurlitzer at Disneyland

NT1119AThere were a few interesting auctions on eBay recently, highlighted by one seller getting rid of a small collection that contained a number of uncommon and rare cards.  A few of these lots went for quite a bit, but I was able to snag one of the lots that had the card I am featuring today.  It is one of the ones in the lot that I was particularly interested NT1119A_0001in.

The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company was founded in 1853, and while famous for its theatre organs and juke boxes, it produced instruments of all kinds.  Companies like Wurlitzer, a widely recognized name from the era, did indeed bring legitimacy to Main St., Disneyland.  Of course, Wurlitzer is no longer making juke boxes or theatre organs (they went out of business in 1988), and Main St. only has a few sponsors left to speak of (Kodak, and…uhh…not sure who else).  But this card is a great reminder of those early days at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Before I go…a quick note on the database.  I expect to pass 500 records entered this weekend, so stay tuned.  Once summer roles around and bored high-school students are easier to come by…I expect to pick up the clip of data entry!  I am also slowly (vey slowly) adding photos.  The database is currently more about the text and search-ability than the card images.  But the ultimate goal is to have all the text and images in one place…for all the cards from all of the parks.  Sounds easy…right?!?!  (Let me know if you want to help!)

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**I think 1119 and 1119A are mislabeled on page 46 of the Nickel Tour.  This card has no number and is therefore 1119 according to page 307.  (Comments welcome if you see this differently)

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