Gray Line Bus Postcard – NT 1168b

Just today I received a pile of 44 cards in the mail that I bought on eBay last week.  Looking at the cards online, there wasn’t anything tremendously special about the lot, but there were a lot of used cards and those (as I have mentioned before) are often a lot of fun.  And the lot only cost me $22…so, not a bad deal either at 50 cents a card.

One of the cards in the lot was not as I expected however.  It is not in the Nickel Tour, but is related to card NT #1168, the Gray Line bus Sleeping Beauty Castle postcard.  This card, designated NT #1168b on the Disneyland Postcards site, is of the Mark Twain boat.

The interesting thing about the card is that it clearly came out of a book since it has a serrated edge.  Anyone out there ever seen the complete book?  Did it include the Sleeping beauty Castle card?

Let me know if you have the answer to this little riddle.  It would be interesting to see this card in its original state in the book.

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