Disneyland, Monsanto, and the Los Angeles Dodgers

I posted this post on my old blog a few weeks back and got quite a bit of interest in it.  Not sure if it was the Dodgers mention, the Angels, or what exactly.  Either way, I love used cards…in some ways more than un-used…see below for more!

One of the side benefits of collecting Disneyland post cards is that you can often get an interesting glimpse into someone’s vacation if the card you have has been used.  More often than not, people comment on the great weather in California and all the fun stuff there is to do.  But occasionally, you get the random comment about last nights meatloaf at Marge’s house, or the new baby that they saw at the relatives house.

The card I feature today is (from a collectibility standpoint) totally unremarkable.  Monsanto had the Hall of Chemistry at Disneyland, along with the House of the Future and other exhibits in the early days of the park.  These post cards must have been free, because even today they are easily found and at any given time there are many of them available on eBay (usually overpriced).

But this particular card is interesting because of the reference to the Los Angeles Dodgers on the back.  The card is dated and post-marked October 9th, 1957.  The Dodgers played their last game at Brooklyn’s Ebbets field on September 24th, 1957, by which time the ownership of the team had already made the decision to move to LA.  This card gives one fans reaction…and the added note that they hoped the team would be named the Angels!  (See the link for the rather interesting history of the name and origins of the present day Angels in Anaheim)

Some collectors shy away from used cards, but sometimes the brief peek into history can be rather interesting!

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