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00100 46106 – Fantasmic! (just in case you were wondering)

Hello there!

The checklist tool changes I was talking about the other day are now live!  Thing is, you are seeing them at the same time I am, since I just asked the developer to load them straight onto the site.  Overall I think it turned out pretty well…but I will need to make a few minor tweaks over the next day or so.

So, what changed?

Grid/List View Option:  The main thing is the addition of a grid view for the cards.  This is a visual hobby, so while all the data is still there and still searchable, the grid view let’s you see the images as the primary point of reference.  I will be making two changes here though.  I will have the Grid/List view toggle made a little more intuitive.  Right now, if you want Grid View, click on the words “Grid View”.  When you are in Grid View, you will see a toggle for “List View” and the Grid View words will have disappeared.  I want to make this a little more obvious.  Secondly, I am going to have the Grid View default to eight rows by four columns.  I would love to hear from anyone out there who has trouble viewing this thing on their screen…I confess to having a reasonably wide monitor.

Recent Prices:  I made some minor changes to the price listing part of the tool.  Now, when a price is entered, no matter when it is entered, the list will be presented with the latest date of sale first followed by earlier dates.  It used to just order on the date that the record was entered.

A number of other changes were made to make the tool easier to use…for example, the NT# field is now case sensitive so NT0303A does not equal NT0303a…little things like that.  Let me know what you think.  I am already thinking of some other changes that might be needed!  After a while I will get serious about the look and feel of the tool.

Until next time…

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Hello. I have been collecting Disneyland postcards and paper items for a few years now and figured I would start to share my collection with any and all who are interested. I actually started blogging on Blogger ( but after a while realized I wanted a dedicated Disney site since it is a fairly niche hobby. Enjoy!
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