Art Corner Uncut Sheet

Hey there.  I’m one of the new contributors Todd mentioned in an earlier post, and I thought I would start off with something fairly unique – perhaps even one-of-a-kind!

The Art Corner at Disneyland was gone long before I first stepped foot in the park, but I’ve always enjoyed collecting the Art Corner postcards. The artwork is great and, probably more importantly, it’s possible to put together a full set, given the relatively small number of different postcards that comprise a set. But without a doubt the pride and joy of my Art Corner collection (and perhaps my entire collection) is an uncut sheet of Art Corner postcards that I purchased from the estate of Bruce Gordon after he passed away.


It’s rather interesting – 9 total postcards with 3 different designs (or 4 if you count the two Tinkerbell variations).  And although they are all vertical, the Tinkerbells are upside-down for whatever reason.  However, taking a look at the back of the sheet we see that the backs of the postcards have all been printed with the same orientation:


As a result, when cut some of these postcards will appear to have been printed “upside-down” relative to the other postcards on the sheet.  This explains why it’s not always easy to get your collection looking nice and neat and consistently organized in your albums!

On another note, I think Todd is doing a great job with the checklist and the blog in general, and I’m happy to have been invited to be a part of this!  I look forward to contributing additional posts now and again highlighting some of the more interesting postcards Disneyland had to offer.

Until next time…

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  1. Todd says:

    Andrew…welcome aboard! That’s a great item indeed. I’ll be looking forward to more gems from your collection!

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