An Unknown Jumbo J-3 – Entrance to Disneyland

Well, this card isn’t exactly unknown…I have seen it on other sites, but it is not in the Nickel Tour anyway.  The card showed up on eBay the other day and I made an offer and it was accepted.  It has a few small pin holes, but I had never seen one of these for sale before, so I figured I would take a chance.

Looking at the card, there are many clues as to when this picture was taken.  The clock has a TIMEX branding on it.  The station still has the Santa Fe branding.  The posters on display at the entrance below are for the Stage Coach ride in Frontierland, the Jungle Cruise, the Rocket to the Moon, the Mad Tea Party, Space Station X-1, and Tom Sawyer’s Island.  Finally, the Disneyland sign says population 5,000,000.

Space Station X-1 closed in February of 1960 after being around from opening day, and the wagons closed either in late 1959 or perhaps early 1960…all the other attractions were open long after that.  Finding when the TIMEX logo was removed from the clock tower is not readily apparent to me after a brief internet search.  Anyone have any answers to that one??  Or…how long did the population 5,000,000 sign last and when was it there??

Anyway…a cool card…and rare indeed.

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