An Interesting Advertising Card from Walt Disney World

WDW-0030_AllianceMy office is a mess.  Usually anyway.  This afternoon I reached a moment when continuing, without taking measures to mitigate the clutter, was not an option. A 6 X 6 inch area is not enough space to move a mouse around.  An intervention was required!

In the process of cleaning up, I found a few things that I did not know I had!  One of them was this interesting version of WDW-0030 that was used by a company (Alliance Wholesalers) to advertise an event at the Ohio National Guard Armory n 1981.  I actually have three different versions of this advertising card…and they all say something a little different on the back.  Apparently the company was offering a raffle for a free trip to Walt Disney World at the event.

WDW-0030_Alliance_0001I wonder how often this sort of thing occurred and how it was actually done?  I suspect the cards were purchased separately at the park and then run through a printer to have the extra text put on them.  But I suppose there is a chance that they were printed this way from the start by the card manufacturer (seems unlikely though).  Either way, this reminds me of the pressed penny card I blogged on some time back.

If you have seen other cards used this way…let me know.  I would be happy to share them with everyone.

Until next time…

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