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Walking Dead – A Brief Look at the First Twelve Issues

I will just come out and say it…I am not a zombie fan.  I just don’t get the fascination.  But…I am a comic fan, and when a phenomenon like the Walking Dead comes along, comic fans take notice. With the … Continue reading

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Detective Comics 1-40 – A look at CGC and Gerber Data

This will be a short post…an addendum or sorts to my earlier post on Gerber Scarcity and early Golden Age keys.  I decided to bore into the data a little further by looking at one title, Detective, in a little … Continue reading

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Dark Horse Conan – What to do?

I am a Conan the Barbarian fan. There is something so black and white about the character. If you are on his side…he will be loyal, defend you to the death, and even buy you a pint of grog at … Continue reading

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Fantastic Four 47-60 – A Quirky Set of Data

I have been thinking more about the Thor data I posted a while back and wanted to try an experiment.  Thor 132 has a cover date of September, 1966.  Do any other Marvel issues from that same month exhibit the … Continue reading

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Gerber Scarcity in the Internet Age

My thanks to Poverty_Row on the Collector’s Society boards for essentially acting as my editor on this post When a collector buys a given comic book, what drives that decision?  In my experience it can be a lot of things. … Continue reading

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X-Men issues before #66

It’s been a while since I posted here…I have been busy working on my Disney Postcard  blog and just don’t have the horse power to support multiple blogs!  But, I want to make an effort to support this blog a … Continue reading

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