Detective Comics 1-40 – A look at CGC and Gerber Data

This will be a short post…an addendum or sorts to my earlier post on Gerber Scarcity and early Golden Age keys.  I decided to bore into the data a little further by looking at one title, Detective, in a little more detail.  Below are the results:


As I stated on the Collector’s Society boards, I don’t think this data really says anything meaningful because we just cannot say with any confidence how many raw copies of a given book are out there.  Now, like I said before, I suspect that the 58 copies of Detective 27 likely represent a very high percentage of the existing known books.  If you have one of those raw, then you have more courage than me!  I would want to grade that thing and park it in a safe deposit box.  But, regardless, there probably are known raw copies out there.

Anyway…I will leave it to you to interpret this information.  Ether way it is interesting to look at and ponder.

Until next time…

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