Edge of Spider Verse #2 – Total Madness

EDGESV2014002covVAR_100This is insane.  $4500 for a CGC 9.9 book that is basically a manufactured collectible??  Don’t get me wrong…I really like Greg Land and his work.  I was looking at some of his Spider-Woman stuff the other day and thought, “Oh…hey…this guy’s pretty good.”  But for this kind of coin you could probably go out and score a nice piece of his original work.

I wonder if this book was even read.  Did anyone even take the time to crack it open and check it out…or was it straight to the slab and then straight to eBay?

Well…it is what it is.  I won’t begrudge anyone for participating in the madness.  I just think they may be sorry in a year or two.

Until next time.

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