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The Beginning of the Comic Collecting Hobby

It’s a pretty well known fact that comic collecting began sometime in the 1960’s.  Sure…there were people collecting before then, but it really got going in this time frame.  At least, that is what the anecdotes say.  But is there … Continue reading

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Walking Dead – A Brief Look at the First Twelve Issues

I will just come out and say it…I am not a zombie fan.  I just don’t get the fascination.  But…I am a comic fan, and when a phenomenon like the Walking Dead comes along, comic fans take notice. With the … Continue reading

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Thor 132 and the Mysterious Grading Spike

About 20 years ago I stumbled across a copy of Thor 169 at an estate sale.  It came with a number of other Silver Age Marvel books.  If I recall correctly there was a heavily water damaged Amazing Spider-Man 35, … Continue reading

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