Trip Report Day 3 – A Few New Things

cars_land_00007_13548Well, we had a great last day at the park on Saturday.  It was rather crowded, but we managed to get in and do most of the stuff we wanted to do early, so we didn’t wait in lines that were long at all for key attractions, and later in the day the Fastpass came to our rescue.  For my family, and any family really, I think the best approach to Disneyland/DCA is to go in the morning, take a break back at your hotel in the mid afternoon, and then go back to the park at night.  Seeing all the small kids wilt and melt down at 4PM when it is 85 degrees out and the lines are long…not pretty.

On the postcard front, there was not a whole lot new other than one thing that I was unaware of in Cars Land.  These perforated strips of four cards each are for sale for $4.95 at the store right next to the entrance to Radiator Springs Racers.  Looking on eBay…there they are…some being offered for $12.95 Buy-It-Now.  It’s a big sheet of uncut cards measuring 17.5 X 6 inches.    A pretty cool set of cards that comes in four varieties (I think…I saw two at the park and two other different sets on eBay).  The one I show here is 00007 13548.  It is sort of the modern version of a fold out book…but not folded.

Otherwise, the 2013 card is a very nice lenticular card.  This is one of my favorite series of cards as the quality of the design and production is rather high.  They don’t 00006_89248_2013logo_1come out with new cards very often, but they seem to put some effort into this series.  This card is 00006 89248.  Also…I found this magnetic World of Color card which I thought would be easy to find on eBay, but none are there at the moment.  It was $1.95 and is number 00006 79489.  If I am not mistaken I found it at Elias & Co. on Buena Vista Street.

00006_74489_World_of_Color_1So…there you have it.  I know I have been saying the check list tool is coming soon.  Sorry for the slight delay.  Truth be told I was totally whipped after the weekend and I want to finish entering all card data from NT0001 thru NT0266 (thru the A-Series) before I post it.  I am hoping I can finish that tonight.

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