The Omnibus – A Bob Gurr Masterpiece

183_front_imageLet’s face it…the Disneyland Omnibus is a rather humble affair.  It and other Main Street vehicles are often ignored by guests as they march up and down Main Street USA to get to where ever they are headed as soon as possible!  I have to admit that it was after many visits to Disneyland, that I finally said, “Hey…my feet are tired, and there isn’t anyone waiting to get on that bus!”

The attraction was designed by Disney Legend Bob Gurr.  Prior to the opening of the park, Bob was tasked with designing a few vehicles to ferry people up and down Main Street USA.  The Omnibus was one of these vehicles and was running at the park on opening day!  These cars are all still there today…including a couple others that were added shortly after the park opened.

If you have never taken the time…do yourself a favor and slow down a bit.  It’s a great attraction.  I have read online that the it is only seven and a half minutes from the Opera House to the Plaza.  Sitting on the ride and cruising at all of 4 mph, you get a sense of the old town feel that Walt was trying to capture.

The Omnibus has been used in several (if not all) of the parks around the world.  A quick Google search will result in a number of images showing the various forms it has taken over the years.

2246_front_imageThe image here is of the Tokyo Disneyland Omnibus (with some interesting fellows onboard!)  It is a postcard from Tokyo Disneyland; card TD0025 in the checklist.  There isn’t really an equivalent to Main Street USA at Tokyo Disneyland, so the bus will give you a tour around the whole plaza at the park.  Check out this map for the details!

Until next time…

P.S.  I am not sure if it will end at this price…but as I write, this NT0380 Alice in Wonderland card is a steal at $5.99.

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Harper Goff Jungle Cruise Original Artwork

Harper_Goff_Jungle_0001A little while back I posted on some original artwork by Sam McKim for Main Street USA.  Those cards came from the Disney Gallery at Tokyo Disneyland.  These cards today come from the same set and are really fantastic Harper Goff sketches of the the Jungle Cruise.

Goff was tasked to work on this attraction (not ride…mind you!) in 1954 by Walt Harper_Goff_JungleDisney. As the story is told in the Nickel Tour, Walt wanted a boat ride of some kind,  something that might even use the giant squid from 20,000 leagues under the sea! Goff was a fan of the African Queen, the hit 1951 movie that starred Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.  He pitched the notion of a jungle river cruise to Walt, and Walt let him run with it.  Looking at the aerial view sketch, its clear that his original vision was executed without much modification.

I have uploaded larger images of these cards, so do click on the scans to get a good look at the cards.  They are just fantastic!  I love the look on the lady who is sitting at the bow of the Congo Queen…is this journey safe?!?

There are several more cards in this Tokyo Disney Gallery set…I will be sure to bring you more of them in the near future.

Until next time…

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A few more things…

Hi everybody!

This will serve, to some extent, as a continuation of my last post as there were a couple of interesting things that I wanted to share with you, but ran out of room and time to do so.  There is not much to do with postcards in this post…but still some pretty cool Disneyana that you will hopefully enjoy.

2014_10_Disney_DolEvery time I go to Disneyland, I always reserve $20 to exchange for Disney Dollars. I have posted on these before as they really are a fun collectible.  The great part about this collection is that it can readily be 2014_10_Disney_Dol_0001disposed of by going to the park and spending the bills!  Now, in most cases, that probably isn’t a good plan.  But it is an option!

On my recent visit to the park I picked up some of the new “Mountain” series of bills. Shown here are the front and back of the $10 Space Mountain bill.  Note that the bills from Disneyland all start with an “A”.  The bills from WDW all start with a “D”.  I have some bills with a T…which I think is also Disneyland.  But, no worries, if you (or I, in this case)  want to learn more about Disney Dollars, just check out  This site has more info than you will ever need to get started in the hobby!

Goofys_Sky_SchoolAnother paper item from this visit is shown here.  It’s a single rider ticket from Goofy’s Sky School in DCA. I was handed the ticket at the entrance to the single rider line, but had to give it back to the cast member tending the line before boarding the ride.  I am sure there are people out there who collect this sort of thing…after all, there is a fledgling market for unused Fastpass tickets, believe it or not!

Finally, on the postcard front, I wanted to share some of the auctions I am following for various reasons.  I primarily follow these listings because I am curious what the final price will be,  but I am also curious if anyone will actually buy the item!

1.  This Panorama Folder has been getting a lot of attention in other auctions recently. Some of the prices have been nuts. It will be interesting to see where this one lands.  Keep in mind, there are two versions of this folder out there…one with a 25 cent price and one without.

2.  This Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary tin will be a fun one to watch for the same reason. Some of these, as I mentioned in a previous post, have been selling for a fair bit. This one started low.  It’s anyone’s guess where it will end!

3.  This one is being sold as a “Disneyland 55th Anniversary” card, but I think the seller mistook the 55 on Mickey’s drum as the anniversary year. This is a perfect example of something that makes me ask, “I wonder if someone will buy this?” I guess we will see!

That’s it for tonight.

Until next time…

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Trip Report

Hi everyone!

Disneyland_Rack_2_2014I just returned from a bit of a whirlwind trip to Disneyland!  My family, as well as my brother’s family and my parents, all went down to celebrate a pair of birthdays.  We had a great time…but did enough walking such that the “dogs were barkin’ ” at the end of each day!

Postcard wise…things remain pretty quiet.  There just isn’t much new.  Shown here is the rack at the Emporium…which isn’t really any different from the one in Downtown Disney.  I actually failed to pick up the latest 2014 card that you can see in the photo because I just bought the WDW version last weekend and mistakenly thought, while staring at the Disneyland version, “Oh…I already have that one”.  At the end of the day, as I said in a comment here on the site, social WG_0001media has basically made postcards an anachronism.  When you can make your own personalized postcard and post it online at anytime…it’s no wonder that paper postcards aren’t used that much.  But, there is still a rich heritage to draw from that will keep this site going for as long as I am able to write it.

On the “outside”, in Downtown Disney, there were a few new cards at Wonderground.  You may have seen some of them on eBay recently.  El Gato Gomez has done a great job capturing the essensce of the Haunted Mansion in the two cards I show here.  One other thing on WonderGround cards; they just raised their prices from $2.95 to $3.45 per card.

As for other interesting paper items, if you were not fire_enginealready aware, you can get a map of the Jungle Cruise if you ask the cast members at the desk upon exiting the ride.  In our case, they asked us to make the sounds of two of the animals we saw on the cruise in order to get a map.  The map says that it is not to be reproduced without permission, so I will heed that and not show it here.  But next time you are in the park, be sure to ask for one!

Finally, I thought I would throw in a couple of random images from our visit to end this post, both related to the fire engine that goes up and down MainStreet USA.  You can ride this car, along with the other cars, trolleys and omnibus fairly easily as there is never jr_firefightermuch of a line to get on board.  In this case, when the ride ends, the kids might even get the Disneyland Jr. Firefighter sticker I show below!

There is a lot more I could talk about from this trip, but I think I will save it for another time.  In the meantime…I am already thinking about my next trip down to the Park! (Non-business related.  I am going to Anaheim for work…again…on Friday).

Until next time…

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Recent Sales

Hello everyone.

As I like to do from time to time, last night I took a moment to review past sales on eBay that I may have missed over the last month.  Since I have been busy recently, I was not surprised to come across some rather interesting results that escaped my attention.

NT0012_used1960_frontFirst up is this used “pre-opening day” card, NT0012.  In and of itself, this used card is not that remarkable except for one thing…the postmark.  This card was used in October of 1960.  Maybe I am the last person in the hobby to realize this, but I was under the impression that these cards were off the shelves a couple years after the park opened.  I have seen (and actually look for) cards postmarked 1955.  And I have also seen cards postmarked through 1958…maybe 1959.  But 1960 is rather late.  So, it seems these cards were reprinted for quite a few years after the park opened.  Has anyone out there seen one of these postmarked after 1960?  Oh…the card sold for under $3.

Disneykin_Donald_1963_frontThe most remarkable sales in the last few weeks from a price perspective were two Disneykin cards that sold for over $500 each. (If you click on the link…follow the link to the original item on the banner at the top of the page.  For some reason eBay doesn’t want to show this result via this link and is showing some other random item…which they are calling similar…ha!).  Anyway…these cards are not exactly called out in the Nickel Tour…there is just a catch-all NT0595 that captures the group.  That, however, clearly has not stunted demand for these rare collectibles.  A reader of this blog recently told me that he would be willing to provide a post on these items: background and collectibility of the various kinds of Disney-kin cards.  But…he recently had a new baby show up in his family, so we’ll see!!

Shag_TinFinally, I always like to pick a card or cards in these “Results” posts that make me go, “Huh?”.  We all have seen or have in our collections the Josh Agle (aka Shag) 40th Anniversary Haunted Mansion set that was put out a few years ago.  It comes in the tin (shown here) and contains 14 5 X 7 cards.  Recently on eBay, some enterprising individual decided to break up the set and sell each card individually. They managed to get $16.95 for EACH card! (well, at least for several of them…and same thing as above…the link won’t take you to the completed item…you have to follow the banner link to the sold item).  Meanwhile…the complete set has sold multiple times recently for ~$50 (ok…a couple sold for ~$140 as well…but that is a huge increase over what the set has been selling for over the last year.  It still makes no sense.  This set has been regularly selling for around $50-$60 for the last couple years).  This example, my dear reader, is one of the reasons why this site exists!  To educate folks so they don’t waste their money!

Anyway…thanks for tuning in again today.  Hears hoping for some rain in California!

Until next time…

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A Quick Trip to Florida

No19This past weekend I made a quick trip to the Orlando area while attending the Rolex 24 at Daytona endurance race.  I have been a car racing fan ever since I was a kid…getting a chance to go see this race was an opportunity I was not going to miss.  The main reason I went is that my brother was actually a driver of one of the cars.  So, it was a must to attend!

WDW_2014After the race was over on Sunday, I took a couple hours and went to Downtown Disney to have dinner, and checkout what was available in terms of postcards and other stuff.  The “World of Disney” store there is enormous!  But…after asking around, I did find the small rack of postcards available at the shop.  The most interesting card was this 2014 lenticular card.  It seems that these are the only cards that are really new each year.  The rest of the cards (at least the ones available outside the Park) don’t seem to change that much…at least for Disneyland.  It may be a bit of a leap to say the same for WDW since I am rarely there, but some of the cards on the rack there are the same ones I saw seven years ago on my last visit.

WDW_Rack_01_2014Speaking of the rack…here is a shot of what was on it.  Three different folders, and various other cards.  Those larger white bordered cards are part of a much larger series.  I think I have close to 25 to 30 different cards in that set….but I am not sure if I have the compete set.  You can see most of the cards at (but this is also not a complete set as I have some that are not shown there).

Anyway…sorry it took so long for a new post.  Things have been really busy lately.

Until next time…

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Disneyland Paris Postcard Checklist – The Next Installment


DP-0112 – The Hotel New York

I have finished uploading the next installment Disneyland Paris postcards into the checklist, and wanted to share with you the result.  This set of cards runs from 00108-00096 through 00108-00122.  I have numbered the group with “NT” numbers from DP-0108 through DP-0134.  There are a couple small gaps in the run, and a couple other interesting things to point out.


This series of cards contains both single and multi-views of the park as well as a number of cards showing the hotels at the park.  The Hotel New York, the Hotel Santa Fe, Newport Bay Club, Hotel Cheyenne and the Disneyland Hotel are all represented.  There is one “error” card that I have where the back and front don’t match.  I have listed this as DP-120A.  It shows a picture of the castle with Mickey and friends on the front, but is listed as “Frontierland” on the back.


DP-0126A – Main Street at Night

Another point of interest is card DP-126.  There are two versions of this card…one designated with “Euro Disney” and the other with “Disneyland Paris” (DP-126A, shown at left).  The park opened as Euro Disney, but the name was changed not long after to Disneyland Paris…so I suspect that the “Euro Disney” cards are earlier.  I have tried to indicate in the comments which cards say “Euro Disney” on the back, and which say “Disneyland Paris”.

Finally, a few of the cards in my collection have small stickers on the back that say “Made in France” (DP-0131 for example).  I thought this was interesting…especially having spent a fair bit of time there.  The French are pretty protective of their culture.  When Disney showed up, there was some backlash.  Making sure that work supporting the park was being done in France was all part of the effort to bolster support for the project.

I have about 40 more Disneyland Paris cards to go to cover the cards I have in hand right now…and that will conclude the start to this list.  I am thinking I may have to go to Europe/Paris to find more of these cards.  Tough duty…but someone has to do it!

Until next time…

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Disneyland Paris Postcard Checklist – A Start

Recently I have been putting together a list of Disneyland Paris post cards base on some purchases I have made over the last couple months (thanks Chris!)  No one on the internet seems to have a list of these cards, so I am going to do my best to start one here.  And by start, I mean just that!  I only have about 100 of these cards, but there clearly must be many more.  So…here is what I know so far!

The majority of the cards I have start with a “00108” prefix in the bar code on the back of the card. There are other sets of cards to be sure, but most of the early cards had this prefix.  Within this series, there are brief runs of a few cards, but then there are large gaps with no cards that I know of. Tonight I will talk about the pre-opening art cards (which actually have a “00100” prefix) and the first set of 00108 series cards.

DP-0009The pre-opening cards, which I have spoken of before, will naturally start of the Disneyland Paris postcard checklist.   Going from 00100-00096 thru 00100-00107 (with one exception…see below), these cards show some fantastic concept art for the Disneyland Paris park.  They have “No.1” thru “No.12” printed just above the bar code on the back.  One oddity with this group…No. 1 thru No.12 are not in numerical order relative to the bar code. And where you would expect to see a 00100-00100 card, we get 000100 001716. For the puposes of the checklist, I have labelled these cards as NT# DP0001 thru DP0012.  You can see them all in the checklist tool on this site.  Just filter on “DP” and you will find them.

DP-0018The next set of cards begins the 00108 series. These cards run from 00108-00001 through 00108-00009.  These are all reproductions of Disney movie posters in French. Cinderella (Cendrillon), Fantasia, The Little Mermaid (La Petite Sirene), etc.  These ten cards, which include a variation of card 00108-0009, are all in the checklist and listed as NT# DP0013 through DP0021A.

After card 00108-00009, there is a giant gap up to the next set of cards in the 00108 series.  The next card I have is 00108-00096 (oddly enough, it is a reprint of DP0001).  There could easily be more cards out there that fill this gap, but I don’t know of them.

So…here is a screen shot from the checklist tool of what we have covered in this post:


I don’t want to get too carried away and put too much technical info into one post!  So, I am going to leave off here and pick it up another time with the next set of Disneyland Paris cards in the 00108 series.  I hope that this brief glimpse has piqued your curiosity for what is to come!

Until next time…

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A Very Cool Find!

Donald_Duck_Whitman_978I was poking around on eBay the other day and came across this item.  After receiving it in the mail yesterday, I had to share!  No…it isn’t a postcard, but it is pretty special!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will remember when I posted the video of “The Wise Little Hen”, the premiere of Donald Duck.  That was 1934.  This comic, or more accurately, large format children’s book, is the first book to feature Donald Duck on the cover.  It was published in 1935.  It is not is a comic book in the classical form, but is larger and has thicker card-like paper stock for pages.  But the early cover of Donald Duck is fantastic!  Style, flair, attitude!

In really nice condition, this book will set you back a fair bit.  But I was fortunate to get this one shown here for a very reasonable $80.

Anyway…as promised I will try to get to the Disneyland Paris postcard stuff next time…unless I decide to post on another oddity that I found on eBay last night!  It does relate to postcards.  But that will have to wait, as usual…

Until next time…

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Interesting Finish on a Recent eBay Auction

Hello everyone!  I hope all of you had a good break from the routine over the holiday.  My family and I had a good “break”…but as the quotes indicate, sometimes the break feels more busy than the routine!  At least the “busy-ness” is filled with activities that are more fun than the usual!

ebay_lot_12_2013_1There was a pretty interesting result on eBay recently that I wanted to comment on today.  The seller must have found a set of cards at an estate sale or the like…and then posted them as a one lot.  Included in the group was NT0005, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, NT0016, The Pink Elephants, and a copy of the Jiminy Cricket Art Corner card, NT0583.  The other cards in the lot are mostly common, except for the aerial Disneyland view, which can often get a good result on its own depending on the day. (Looking more carefully at the lot while writing this post…there may have been two of these cards in the lot)

I was watching this auction with my nephew as the eBay_lot_12_2013_2clock ticked down to the final seconds.  With less than a minute to go, the bid was sitting at something like $22.  My guess was that the ending price would be around $100-$125 for “retail” of these cards.  ($40-$50 for NT0005, $20-25 for NT0016, $25-$30 for the Art Corner card (this might be low), and maybe $15-$20 for the aerial view…the rest of the cards “free with purchase”).

In the last ten seconds the bidding came fast and furious.  $70…$81…$101…$132…with a final winning bid of $135.10.

So…what do we learn here?  A couple things I think.  First off…the NT0005 card continues to command a premium.  I think everyone bidding here saw that as the most valuable card in the lot.  The NT0583 card may have contributed to the price more than I guess…but we would need to see one go separately before making any real judgements there.  And while we don’t see NT0016 that often, pegging it around $25-$30 seems about right based on this and other results.

Anyway…that’s all I have today.  Stay tuned for my next post which will be on Disneyland Paris postcards.

Until next time…

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